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Cultivate Calm Yoga is one of the most reliable and widely recommended Yoga Studios of Brisbane. With the help of certified and skilled mentors, they help you learn and improve your yoga postures – while availing its numerous benefits.


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In last few years Yoga has gained immense popularity all over the world as people seek to keep up with their busy lifestyles. Finding a yoga class used to be quite simple as there were not as many classes to choose from. Now with more and more people showing interest in yoga a modern-day stress buster the number of people practicing yoga has almost quadrupled In just over a decade later. There is no one reason behind yogas popularity – one is due to its reputation for being an effective stress reliever. People also opt for yoga because it is a plain beneficial exercise Whether you are a first timer or a regular looking to deepen your practice to a whole new level – finding the right style of yoga for you is mandatory to take advantage of the benefits of yoga. Yoga Classes and Studios now offer a number of Yoga styles to choose from. As far as benefits are concerned – virtually any style of yoga improves flexibility balance and strength. Some of the more intense Yoga styles can help you trim down and shape up. However the type of yoga that is best for you completely depends on your health goals. Here are two widely practiced styles of yog  Hatha Yoga: This style of good for beginners. The asanas/poses are straight forward you do another pose after completely accomplishing the first one. Not only body the teacher of your yoga classes will also encourage you to focus on relaxation breathing and meditation. It also helps you recover from stress quickly.

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Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga: These two styles combines the advantages of yoga with an highly effective cardio session and hence is good for weight loss. Both the styles focus from one asana to another without any rest. It is meant to produce heat in your body – helping you burn calories about 500 per hour. All the yoga styles help you release the tension in your body make your mind peaceful and help you relax. Try differentclasses and see what works for you better. Finding right classes for Yoga in Brisbane is very important. Cultivate Calm Yoga is a reliable Yoga Brisbane Studio – offering a huge range of Yoga Classes. They have properly trained and certified yoga teachers to help you deepen your practice and take your poses to a new level. Contact us – Cultivate Calm Yoga 963 Stanley Street East East Brisbane QLD 4169 Phone: 0406 476 950 Email: Hours of Operation Website -

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