Reaching the Next level in Data management


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Reaching the next level of Data management with a complete in-depth of how companies have struggled without any protection against disaster recovery. Ctrls has the largest data center India with the first of its kind Tier 4 infrastructure and 4000 racks capacity with a highest uptime of 99.995% SLA. Visit for more.


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Reaching the Next Level in Data Management:

Reaching the Next Level in Data Management By : P Sridhar Reddy Chairman & Managing Director CtrlS Datacenters Ltd


Contents Interesting Statistics Cost Of downtime Advantages of Tier IV 2 MINUTES OF DOWNTIME – 50% OF YOUR MONEY BACK About CtrlS Customers

Data Loss:

Data Loss 93% of the companies that lost their data center due to disaster filed for bankruptcy within a year. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. 30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year & 70% fail within five years. Source : IDC, Continuity central

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In 2005 financial records of nearly 7,00,000 customers of major banks like Bank of America compromised.

March 2009:

March 2009 Several Virginia banks report of data breach – Cost yet to be estimated Source : Forbes

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More than 12 Million Customers of New York Mellon Bank affected because of backup data breach

World’s Largest Bank:

World’s Largest Bank 3.9 million customers of one of the world’s largest bank affected due to a data breach

London Stock Exchange:

London Stock Exchange A computer crash brought computer trading on LSE to a halt for SEVEN hours SEP 2008 Source : Hindu


HSBC Data of 3,70,000 customers compromised Bank issues apology to all its customers …. High level investigation hsbc holdingsbusiness.banking

Disasters Like Mumbai Floods are irreversible:

Disasters Like Mumbai Floods are irreversible

99.95% Uptime???:

99.95% Uptime??? Downtime of 4 Hours 22 Mins in a year What is the true cost of this downtime?

Tangible Losses:

Tangible Losses

Revenue Loss:

Revenue Loss

Productivity Loss:

Productivity Loss 59% of Fortune 500 companies experience a minimum of 1.6 hours of downtime per week. An average fortune 500 Cos has around 10,000 employees Assume Average pay would be $56/ hour including benefits & overheads. Annual downtime cost would be $46 Million Source : Dun & Bradstreet

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According to the National Computer Security Association , without adequate backup it takes: 19 days and $17,000 to recreate just 20 MB of lost sales/marketing data ; 21 days and $19,000 to recreate just 20 MB of lost accounting data ; 42 days and $98,000 to recreate just 20 MB of lost engineering data . Cost of Recreating Your Lost Data

Other Tangibles:

Other Tangibles Marketing campaign to rectify tarnished image penalties Liability related to SLA’s Payments for breached contracts



Business Opportunity Lost:

Business Opportunity Lost Life Time Value Net Present Value of all purchases that the customer would have made E.g. A customer would have contributed Rs. 600/yr profitability for the next 10 Years. The present value of would Rs. 3,390…… 5.5 times more than actual loss of profitability Note :Discounting taken at 12%

Other Intangibles:

Other Intangibles was offline for around 2 Hours – the company’s stock fell by 4%. Source: The Register

Case study of an Indian bank:

Case study of an Indian bank Gross Revenue 9,043.71 Rs, Crore Revenue Per business Hour 4 Rs, Crore Total Revenue Loss for 4.38hrs 17 Rs, Crore Profitability Percent 15% % Total Loss assuming a profitability of 15% 2.48 Rs, Crore No of Employees 20000   No of People Impacted 10000 50% Average Annual Salary 500000 Lakhs Average Annual Salary for all 1000 Crore Weekly Salary 19 Crore Hourly Salary 0.5 Crore Number of hour of Annual Downtime 4.38 Hours Total 1.05 Crore Revenue Loss Productivity Loss Total Cost of Downtime ?????? 3.53 Crore Currency : INR

Hidden Costs:

Hidden Costs Marketing to Rebuild Image 10 Crore Market Cap 2375 Crore Stock downturns - 1% 2351 Crore Loss of Market Cap 24 Crore Penalties 7 Crore Total 41 Crore Lost Opportunity Cost 5 Crore Damaged Reputation 10 Crore Employee Morale 1 Crore Total 15 Crore HIDDEN COSTS INTANGIBLES Total Cost of Downtime 59.35 Crore Currency : INR

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How to address this issue ?? TIER IV Allows SLA’s of Less than 20 Mins a year

What is Tier IV:

What is Tier IV S No Tier Requirement Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV 1 Redundancy N N+1 N+1 N+N 2 Active Paths System System System System+System 3 Fault Tolerant No No No Yes 4 Single Point of Failure Many + Human Error Many + Human Error Many+ Human Error None Tier IV architecture has dual active paths for power, network & cooling with multiple redundancies in each path, thereby eliminating any possibility of downtime Source: Uptime Institute

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Hi-tech City facility, Hyderabad

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hi-tech City facility, Hyderabad

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hi-tech City facility, Hyderabad

PowerPoint Presentation:

Hi-tech City facility , Hyderabad

PowerPoint Presentation:

From Srisailam Power Plant From Ramagundam power plant Hyderabad City Level Power Grid – Dual Active power sources

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Custom-built data centre space for one of the largest Telco's of the world

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Purpose Designed IT Space for India’s largest power generation co - NTPC

What’s Next ??:

What’s Next ??

Nuclear Proof Data Center:

Nuclear Proof Data Center X Meters beneath the ground level Capacity to sustain nuclear or missile attack All Critical equipment shock mounted on isolations pads.


Next Datacenter of CtrlS Largest in country 4000 racks capacity 20 MVA Power Tier IV Architecture Investment of Rs 400 Cr *

$40bn of IT spending will disappear from banking sector:

$40bn of IT spending will disappear from banking sector How can you cut IT costs, yet delivery same or better quality of services ? Source : Computing Magazine UK

How can CtrlS help you in this difficult times !! :

How can CtrlS help you in this difficult times !!

Some Ideas ……:

Some Ideas …… Outsource Infrastructure Datacenter Space, DR, BCP, Network Infrastructure, Storage Outsource to Carrier Neutral Facility – significant savings, increased uptimes(Gartner) Gartner predicts 60% of DR site will be located in carrier neutral facilities by end of 2009 Explore Pay per transaction/Revenue Share Models Sell your IT assets to your outsourcing provider Benefits Provides Scalability Eliminates Capex Improves Uptimes

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No of Racks Cost Rack/Annum, Rs Remove CAPEX – By Outsourcing

About Ctrl S:

About Ctrl S Promoted by 750 Crore Pioneer group with strong IT and Infrastructure background. Reputed investor – Och - Ziff,New York Following Tier IV Standards & Carrier Neutral Facility Highly Scalable - Datacenters across major cities in India Located in Government identified security Zone Six Zone security system in the campus(own premises) ISO 20,000-1 & 270001 Accredited 100% uptime since inception Continuous initiatives for Green Data center Customer centric business models Managed Services options

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Indian Immunologicals HARTEX Clients benefitted by CtrlS include….. LABSPACE

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