Great lake st lawrence low lands by Emily

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Great Lake St Lawrence Lowlands:

Great Lake St Lawrence Lowlands


Provinces The provinces in this region cover Ontario and Quebec.

Capital Cities:

Capital Cities Some capital cities are Toronto and Quebec cities.

Bodies of water :

Bodies of water Some bodies of water are lake Huron , Georgian bay ,lake Erie ,lake Simcoe ,lake Ontario , St. Lawrence river.


Climate The climate in this region has a lot of snow in the winter and sun in the summer.

Natural Resources:

Natural Resources Some natural resources are fruit and vegetables ,gold ,silver ,copper ,natural gas , and oil.


Landforms Some landforms in this region are low flat lands.

Improves the quality of life:

Improves the quality of life When the weather cooperates with the crops we have lot of food to eat. When it is worm we get to play outside lots

The negative quality of life :

The negative quality of life In the winter the temperatures are usually mild so some times they snow mobile instead of cars. When it is to cold to play outside we play inside.


J obs Some jobs are in this region are farming , refining oil (oil patch) and logging (Canfor).

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Similarities Differences Both have farming as a job. Both have good jobs. Both have natural gas and oil and coal. In interior plains biking is popular. They have different provinces and bodies of water. They have different qualities of life

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