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Plant Conservation through Partnership Jenny Cruse-Sanders, Ph.D. VP, Science and Conservation

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Orchid Collection Catasetum pileatum Trichoglottis philippinensis Acanthephippium mantinianum Cyrtochilum villenaorum Phalaenopsis violacea Paphiopedilum rothschildianum Nearly 2,000 taxa

Safeguarding collections:

Safeguarding collections

Last intact mountain bog in Georgia, circa 1985:

Last intact mountain bog in Georgia, circa 1985

Last intact mountain bog in Georgia, circa 1985:

Last intact mountain bog in Georgia, circa 1985 Photo: Ron Determann

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Sarracenia purpurea var. montana : 263 adults, 25 juvenile, 72 seedlings 6 restored bogs, 70% survivial Rx fire in 2009 and 2014 Federal stimulus funds for clearing bog Greening Youth Foundation interns $70,000 support USFS

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Mission: To study and preserve Georgia's plants through multidisciplinary research, education, and advocacy; facilitate the recovery of rare, threatened, and endangered species of Georgia and the southeast U.S. through collaborative efforts in our state; and communicate the importance of preserving biodiversity worldwide. Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance



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Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance GPCA Member Organizations and Cooperating Partners Atlanta Botanical Garden Atlanta History Center Callaway Gardens Georgia Botanical Society Georgia DOT Georgia Native Plant Society Georgia DNR Nongame Conservation Section Georgia Power Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Southern Botanical Garden Georgia Wildlife Federation Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center State Botanical Garden of Georgia The Nature Conservancy of Georgia UGA Coastal Plain Experiment Station University of Georgia & University System of Georgia US Fish & Wildlife – Ecological Services, Athens USDA Forest Service, Chattahoochee National Forest Valdosta State University Herbarium Zoo Atlanta

Identify priority species, habitats, communities:

Identify priority species, habitats, communities Arabis georgiana Baptisia arachnifera Echinacea laevigata Elliottia racemosa Environmental Education Clematis socialis *Cypripedium kentuckiense *Dicerandra radfordiana *Draba aprica *Gentianopsis crinita *Helianthus verticillatus *Isoetes tegetiformans *I. melanospora *Lindera melissifolia Litsea aestivalis Lotus helleri Lythrum curtisii Oxypolis canbyi *Pediomelium pedmontanum *Pitcherplant Bog Restoration Macranthera flammea…. Rhus michauxii *Rudbeckia auriculata *Silene polypetela Thalictrum cooleyi *Torreya taxifolia *Tsuga caroliniana *Viburnum bracteatum *Xerophyllum ashodeloides *Xyris tenessensis

Species restoration – mapping and monitoring:

Species restoration – mapping and monitoring

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B enefits of a Policy Statement on Safeguarding Within DNR - Improves the “standing” of safeguarding as a concept and furthers its acceptance as a legitimate conservation strategy. May provide opportunity for future DNR funding. Establishes standards and guidelines for potential new members. Helps coalesce member organizations around the safeguarding concept. Useful for individual member organizations soliciting awards/recognition, certifications, and grants. Can be viewed as an outgrowth of the maturation process of the GPCA. Necessary if GPCA organizes itself as a 501(c)(3) corporation. Can be an aid to fundraising

Safeguarding Database :

Safeguarding Database

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Mountain Pitcher plant Bog Restoration Sarracenia purpurea var . montana Helonias bullata Cleistesiopsis bifaria Kalmia carolina

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Safeguarding Site – planting Helonias bullata Establishing new populations

Safeguarding Success for Swamp Pink :

Safeguarding Success for Swamp Pink Seedling Recruitment – 33 seedlings in 2011/2012 Helonias bullata 88% survival rate for outplants

State Wildlife Action Plans:

State Wildlife Action Plans Revisions due September 30, 2015

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Endangered Species Day

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Candidate Conservation Agreement Georgia Aster, May, 2014

Unique role of Botanical Gardens for partnership:

Unique role of Botanical Gardens for partnership Conservation horticulture Long term commitment to conservation projects Communicate with multiple partners Outreach programs Training opportunities “ Tapping into our partnership because that is how to make things happen ” -Dennis Krusac, Endangered Species Specialist USDA Forest Service, on organizing a tour for the Middle Leader Development Program

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