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TRX TRON - ETHEREUM ETH smart contract crowdfunding MLM Software-Crypto soft Malaysia Tron Ethereum DApp Development Company Procure all-inclusive Tron DApp Development Services to build productive peer-to-peer decentralized application with custom smart contract functionality over the TRON blockchain network. Smart Contract Based MLM Software Built on Ethereum Blockchain • Completely Decentralized • Smart contract-driven • Autonomous and transparent The Problem Inefficiencies in the Conventional MLM Model The traditional MLM business model is beset with inefficiencies such as: Distrust When any new company launches MLM solutions it faces issues building credibility among users. Lack of transparency The traditional MLM process lacks transparency of information and transactions between users. Mutability

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The company offering MLM solutions can revise its incentive program anytime leaving its users uncertain about their earnings. Delayed transactions Due to long transaction settlement time companies are unable to ensure real-time transactions for their users. The Solution Blockchain Based MLM Software Blockchain with decentralization at its core brings potential solutions to the pain points that can hold back the best of MLM projects by ensuring the following: Trust: Blockchain lends trust to MLM companies’ offerings and gives users the peace of mind to

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invest in an MLM project with confidence. Transparency: Blockchain brings everything on a distributed ledger that is accessible to everyone on the network thereby promoting transparency. Immutability: Owing to immutable smart contracts companies cannot make any changes to their system once it has been defined even if they want to. Accelerated transactions: Blockchain drives automation which eliminates the need for human-driven operations and results in real-time transactions. Why our Solution Reasons to Choose our Software Development Team to do Smart Contract MLM Software: Decentralized Our smart contract MLM software is built on Ethereum / Tron blockchain making it completely decentralized. With no human involvement our solution puts your users in complete control of their funds giving them the confidence of autonomous and secure transactions. Immutable Smart contract The immutable smart contract performs all of the calculations on the platform. It elucidates that our smart contract based MLM platform is tamper-proof and immune to any kind of changes or amendments.

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P2P transactions The integration of a smart contract drives peer-to-peer automated transactions between platform users. The funds are automatically calculated through the smart contract and instantly transferred to users’ wallets. Risk-free At the core of our smart contract MLM software is blockchain technology which makes human functions redundant and the platform completely risk-free. The smart contract integrated into the system ensures that your users’ accounts cannot be blocked deleted hacked or changed by anyone. Tron DApp Development Company Tron is a decentralized blockchain network like EOS Ethereum etc with specific protocols own blockchain explorer and own cryptocurrency developed with specific intention. It is specially created to build decentralized peer-to-peer media network all over the world. Smart contract on the Tron network is coded on the Solidity Language and Tron TRX is the cryptocurrency of Tron Network. means development of decentralized application on the Tron Blockchain platform. Cryptocurrencies can be traded easily on the Blockchain developed on the Tron Network. Tron DApp Development Services Tron DApp Development Our TRON developers are proficient in developing DApps on the Tron Network. We can easily identify the technical components implementations and other requirements involved

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in Tron DApp Development. TRC 10 Token Development TRC 10 is a token built on the Tron Platform. We are expertise in developing TRC 10 tokens for your ICO or any other purpose and we induce features like Burnable Transferable Mintable and Upgradable in the smart contracts of TRC-10 Token. TRC 20 Token Development We have a thorough understanding and knowledge about building TRC 20 token that allows interface customization within the smart contracts. TRC 20 Tokens are compatible with ERC20 Token. Tron Wallet Development With industry proven experience and world class technologies we can develop customizable wallet on Tron which supports Tronix TRX. We are expertise at integrating Tron Wallet for Start-ups and enterprises. Smart Contract Development We have developed numerous smart contract for different clients all over the world. With our experience and knowledge on Solidity we can develop smart contract on the Tron network and deploy it on any public or private network. Decentralized Exchange The special feature of TRON network is that it supports decentralized exchanges natively. Our TRON DApp developers can develop decentralized exchanges for seamless trading and exchange of cryptocurrency.

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Features of Tron DApps Tron based Decentralized Applications has higher performance than Ethereum and Bitcoin . It is capable of computing 2000 transactions in a second. Along side it also has the potential to handle the growing users and transactions enlarging the potential to attain the growth. Tron has much more interesting features which is why it is adopted by most of the growing companies. The following are the features and also the reasons for adopting Tron DApps. • High Performance • Highly Scalable • Advanced Storage • Secure and Reliable • Compatible with EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine • Multi language extension as it adhere to Google Protobuf • Transaction as Proof of Stake Tron DApps Development Services • Top-Notch Tron DApp Development Company • Adopt Agile Development Process • Strong Technical Knowledge • Proficient team of developers • Custom Smart Contract Development • Secure Development Process • Reliable Blockchain Solution • Transparent Process • Deliver High Quality Product Thanks for reading our Content. To know more about our Services kindly Visit our Website: Crypto soft Malaysia

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