Let’s Ensure Children In India Have Access To Education

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Donate for children’s education and support CRY’s programs to give children a chance at a brighter future.


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CRY - Child Rights and Y ou 1 Follower About Follow Let’s Ensure Children In India Have Access T o Education CRY - Child Rights and You 4 days ago · 2 min read Children are the future of every nation. They grow up to contribute to the development of the country and drive it to greater heights. This can only happen when education is an available resource that is accessible to children across the country. Regular and quality education is of utmost importance for all children — according to DISE 2016 –17 there are 1.54 million schools in India and the total number of children enrolled in schools is 251.3 million. Quality education is integral for all children as education helps in building the personality of children — it inculcates Sign in Get started

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knowledge helps build capabilities and nurture emotional abilities as well as social skills. For cognitive and comprehensive development it is important that children attend schools and engage in playtime with their peers. These impressionable years require children to spend productive time to develop critical thinking and problem-solving traits. Without any discrimination based on gender or caste or even socioeconomic status all children must go to school and complete their education. Unfortunately an estimated 46.24 million children were out of school in 2016 DISE 2016 –17 and RGI Census Population Projection 2016. Several underprivileged children are not only deprived of the opportunity of schooling but are also experiencing a massive learning deficit. Children in urban slums and villages in particular either never go to school or often drop out. Poverty in India compels many parents to hold their children back from attending school as education is still considered to be a privilege than a necessity in many rural and urban belts of India. Education protects children from the shackles of poverty child labour child marriage and abuse. Children also have the chance to attend school many of whom become first-generation college students and have more promising job opportunities. Education helps children hone their potential dream big and even strive to realise those aspirations. CRY one of the top NGOs in India has been working across the country to ensure children have access to basic resources including education health nutrition and protection. We work rigorously for the welfare of underprivileged children to ensure they have a real chance at a promising future. Donate for children’s education and support CRY’s programs to give children a chance at a brighter future. Donate now

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