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CRY - Child Rights and You Several Deep-Rooted Factors Contribute T o Gender Discrimination 1/9/2020 0 Comments BLOG

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India has progressed in many spheres and continues to develop at an unprecedented rate thus putting the country on the world map. But one of the areas where the country still has a long way to go is the massive disparity among the genders that must be worked upon. Women have been the suppressed gender since centuries now with minimum to no resources offered to them even today. Majorly due to  poverty in India  and several other ingrained factors women begin to experience the impact of gender imbalance from an early age often before they are even born. Although the Indian Constitution strives to protect women’s rights what women experience is another story altogether - illiteracy child marriage lack of job opportunities health issues etc.   Following are some of the main reasons that lead to gender inequality in India:   Poverty and Illiteracy Have Been Suppressing Generations Of Women Families that barely make ends meet due to poverty staunchly believe that young boys can bring in more money. Boys are also considered to be sole recipients of inheritance like family property.

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Leave a Reply. They have more autonomy and participation in domestic interactions especially during decision- making. Most poor families focus on earning daily wages than spending  it on education that is considered to be a privileged activity than a necessity especially for young girls.   Social Norms And Beliefs Have Been Affecting The Progress Of Women The societal structure in India is still stagnant in several regions - men continue to be seen as the providers protectors and ultimate decision-makers in the family. Women are considered to be the house-help in several villages where they are expected to birth children and tend to the domestic needs of the family. Boys are still celebrated with grand ceremonies during their birth and treated as the superior gender.   Child Rights and You CRY has been working relentlessly towards improving the state of gender disparity in India. On the occasion of National Girl Child Day on 24th January donate to CRY to support the cause and avail a deduction under section 80G of the IT Act. Contribute now 0 Comments Tweet

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