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Palm Vein Technology (Biometric security) By:

Palm Vein Technology ( Biometric security ) By A TECHNICAL Seminar On Abdur Raqeeb (12H11D0502) M-Tech. (CS) First Year Computer Science Dept. AL HABEEB COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY

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Introduction Existing system Proposed system Our current security measures Overview of Bio-Tech How it works Data flow Practical applications Software Advantages Disadvantages Conclusion References


Palm vein technology is one of the upcoming technology. It is the world’s first contactless personal identification system that uses the vein patterns in human palms to confirm a person’s identity. It is highly secure and accurate. The contact less feature gives it a hygienic advantage over other biometric authentication technologies. It uses the vascular patterns of an individual’s palm as personal identification data. INTRODUCTION


EXISTING SYSTEM The existing system do not provide biometric security. It is less secure when compared with proposed system. In the existing system the hacker can hack the system. These are some of the example of existing system…… ATM Machine Homes Personal computers

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PROPOSED SYSTEM The proposed system provide biometric security. It is more secure when compared with existing system. In the proposed system the hacker can’t hack the system. These are some of the example of proposed system……

Our Current Security Measures:

Our Current Security Measures Internal Building Access – Magnetic Card and Pin Computer Access – User ID and Password External Customer Access – ATM card and PIN 6 Homes ATM Machine Personal computers Hospital and Libraries

Overview of Bio-Tech:

Overview of Bio-Tech 7 Technology + - Fingerprint Popular Cheapest Less Accurate Voice Non invasive Least Accurate Iris & Retinal Very accurate Invasive Expensive Sensitive Palm Vein Non-invasive Relatively Cheap Accurate Unfamiliar source source source

How It Works:

How It Works 8 Takes snapshot of palm veins Converts into algorithm (ICP) Compares with database


PALM VEIN PAATTERN VERIFICATION SYSTEM 9 The thermal vein pattern verification system involves the following stages: Image Acquisition Image enhancement Vein pattern segmentation Skeletonization Matching

User Interface:

User Interface 10 Contactless Non-invasive 2.18 seconds recognition speed

Data Flow:

Data Flow 11

Practical Applications:

Practical Applications 12 ‘Palm Secure’ is now widely used in various fields. ATM 92% of all Japanese ATMs 18,000+ ATM machines for Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi School ID, Entry Key to private property, Log-in to PCs or servers Potential is limitless PalmSecure mouse with a build-in sensor in 2007 easily installed to personal computer. Portable Mouse ATM Machine

Software :

Available Software Development Kit Easy to integrate to current company system Small Cheap to produce Easy to Install Wide range of operating condition Iris scanners are sensitive to light and temp. source Software


ADVANTAGES Hidden characteristics are used as biometric features. It is difficult to forge for intruders. It is not affected by dryness or roughness of skin or by physical injury on surface of the hand. It has an FRR of 0.01% and FAR of less than 0.00008%. This is based on experiments conducted on 70,000 individuals in Japan. This technology is non-intrusive. 14


DISADVANTAGES There are numerous factors that can affect the quality of the captured image such as body temperature, humidity, heat radiation, nearness of vein to surface, camera calibration and focus. It is still relatively expensive and not available for mass production yet. 15


CONCLUSION Palm vein pattern recognition is a convenient and easy to use biometric technology with high security and accuracy level. The technology is gaining momentum but it is still expensive and relatively untested because it has not yet been marketed globally. 16


REFERENCES 17 Palm vein authentication technology and its applications By Masaki Watanabe, Toshio Endoh, Morito Shiohara, and Shigeru Sasaki VEIN PATTERN RECOGNITION BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS By Sanya-Isijola, Ademuyiwa

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