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The Boxcar Children:

The Boxcar Children By: Lexi

Characters are,:

Jessie( The oldest girl out of the four children) Violet( The other girl around 10 years old) Henry( The oldest boy out of the four children) Benny( The youngest child out of the four children and a boy around 5 years old) Mrs. Moore( She just sometimes feeds the four children if they worked hard in her yard) Dr.Moore( The nice man that pays Henry to work in his yard) Mr. Alden( The four children's grandfather) Characters are,

About the boxcar children's life:

About the boxcar children's life At the beginning of the book they do not have any thing but them self's. Then they went to a store with no money but they went to ask if they could stay the night their. The people that worked their said okay but the workers only were going to keep them because they would make them work. But Jessie heard the workers say that but she also heard them say that they will have to get rid of Benny because he is too little. So Jessie woke up very quietly and told Henry and Violet so they left but they carried Benny because he is very noisy when he wakes up. So they all left when the workers were asleep.

After they left:

After they left After they left they went to a street that looked like know one lived their. So they kept on walking down that road and it just lead them to the woods. So it was getting late and they were tired so they just slept on the ground beside a tree. When everybody was asleep Jessie wondered off and found a rusty, old boxcar. The tracks were covered in grass. So she new that it wont be leaving any time soon. So she went back to her brothers and sister and woke them up. They all went to the boxcar and Jessie and Henry opened the door. It was just perfect. It had just the amount room they needed. It had a nice brook too. They all really liked it a lot. So they decided that they would live their. They built beds out of pine needles and found a dump and took really nice things and used them. After a few weeks they had a pan hooked to two trees and over a fire so they could cook, they had a refrigerator made from a stone and half of the brook, they made a swimming pool by digging and filling it up with the brook water, they had dishes, they had a cloth to eat on like a picnic and, so much more. They were just fine. Henry even had a job. He worked for a man and did yard work for him. So the four children had money to buy food.

What was next…..O ya the ending:

What was next…..O ya the ending They lived their for a really long time. But near the end of the book Violet got sick. So they went to Dr. Moore’s house. Dr. Moore took care of Violet but he secretly called their grand father. Their grandfather came and they met him for the first time. They really, really liked him. So when Violet was better they took their grandfather to their home. He thought their home was pretty neat. So he took them to his house. They liked his house he had a really big house and had maids and already had really nice bedrooms for each of them. They now were going to live with him. They still really missed the boxcar though. So Mr. Alden took them to Dr. Moore’s house. Then when they got back to Mr. Alden’s house they went in the back yard and discovered that he brought the boxcar to the back yard for them so they wouldn't miss it any more. So now they have a little club house in their backyard. Now they have everything they ever wanted. Same with their grandfather witch is now like their father.

Hope you payed attention because here comes a quiz:

Hope you payed attention because here comes a quiz Good luck!!!!

Who did yard work for Dr. Moore?:

Who did yard work for Dr. Moore? A . Jessie B. Benny C . Henry D. Mr. Alden





About how old is Benny?:

About how old is Benny? 10 5 8 14

Why do the children run away from the store?:

Why do the children run away from the store? Because it was to cold their Because they had a party to go to Because their parents called them Because the workers were going to get rid of Benny

The End:

The End By: Lexi

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