Exactly where Are the majority of Violent Prisons Worldwide

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Rikers Island


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Exactly where Are the majority of Violent Prisons Worldwide? :

Exactly where Are the majority of Violent Prisons Worldwide? Rikers is an enormous complicated of 10 highest security jails along with an average of 15,000 inmates. Together with such a significant human population, it is not surprising which some of the most chaotic jail acts happen there. Rikers protections happen to be accused quite a few times over the years of letting the inmates operate the prison. Stabbings and shootings have taken place repeatedly from weapons that have been smuggled in from the outside. In 2008 an 18 year old inmate was shot with a smuggled gun. Two Rikers officers were charged with being the masterminds behind this crime. Mental health care at Rikers is notoriously bad. Often mentally ill inmates will turn to suicide instead of treatment. And get more detail about Rikers Island phone number and Rikers Island directions. Located at the Chao Phraya River, 7 miles north of Bangkok in the Nonthaburi Province of Thailand, this prison is known as the "Bangkok Hilton", although not for its hotel-like quality. Overcrowding and understaffing is standard at this violent prison.

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The population is made up of many foreigners who find themselves in trouble abroad and under harsh Thai law. This violent prison is known for its lack of medical care and use of metal shackles that are welded onto its inmate's legs all the way to the execution table where lethal injection is the method of choice. Opened in 1867, whose name literally (and ironically) translates to "health", this violent prison was noted for its poor conditions and public executions by guillotine until 1972.

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Former head surgeon of the prison, Veronique Vasseur, published a book in 2000 that exposed all of the prison's horrendous conditions. La Sante reportedly operates by a "survival of the fittest" code, with stronger inmates abusing the weak by enslaving and raping them daily. Skin illness is one of the largest problems at La Santa due to the two shower a week policy. Inmates are only allowed out of their cells for a few hours a day, and then have to return to their cell that has only a peephole to look out of. Suicide happens on a large scale, with 122 people committing this act in 2002 alone.   This is truly one of the most violent prisons in the world due to extreme overcrowding, disease and rampant violence. Located in the impoverished country of Venezuela, this prison endured a gun battle in 1994 that resulted in 108 deaths, and led to La Sabaneta's comparison to the Wild West. With 1 guard per 150 inmates and no extra-curricular activities, it is no wonder the violence is out of control. The prisoners with more money and power rule the prison, with weaker prisoners sometimes being forced to sleep in hammocks due to a lack of space. Weapons and riots are not the only mass killers in this prison, disease outbreaks contribute to numerous deaths per year. Due to poor sanitation and insects, cholera outbreaks come in waves through La Sabaneta like the Plague, killing hundreds at a time.

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