Role of Green architecture in designing green building

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Role of Green architecture in designing green building In the recent years the concept of green architecture has become the most common interest in various disciplines. Also known as sustainable architecture it is the theory and science of building designed and constructed according to the environment-friendly principles. Its main purpose is to minimize the number of resources consumed in the construction of a building and also reducing the harm done to the surrounding in terms of pollution and waste of its components. To design construct and maintaining buildings energy water and new materials are utilized and the amounts of waste causing a hazardous effect to the environment is

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generated. In order to avoid such wastage and design environmentally sound buildings sustainable architecture in India should be introduced and practiced. It is predicted that in the coming years we will run out of the national resources that are required for survival. Due to which some architects are focusing on green architecture. Let’s know in detail why we should consider it. The significance of green building The idea of green architecture is to build a project that allows preserving the environment around the project site. The construction and operation will promote a healthy environment without disrupting the land water and other resources around the building. Green architecture is designed in such a way that reduces the negative impact on the environment and humans both by efficient use of energy water and other resources. Also you would be able to save on energy costs. Earlier to this vernacular architecture came into existence when the human race was forced to make use of natural resources and provide shelter and comfort that is directly responsive to the environment. For more information: