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Ricardo arjona:

Ricardo arjona Final project English 1 Section d331 Teacher Doris Molero Moronta Rosana Vargas Génesis Pérez Lissmary Vargas Ysamar


Index Rosana Moronta About Me Unit I Getting to know you Unit II Countries of the world Vargas Genesis About Me Unit III Personal items Unit IV Everyday activities Perez Lissmary About me Unit V Food eating habits Unit VI This is my family

About me:

About me

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UNIT V Food And E ating H abits The favorite breakfast R icardo Arjona What he likes to eat at breakfast is the American way pancakes milk coffee The favorite lunch of Ricardo A rjona What he likes to eat at lunch is Mexican food and his country as jalapa is quesadilla with meat izabal meatloaf and coconut Guacamole is a combination of many Mexican ingredients T he favorite dinner of Ricardo Arjona What he likes to eat at dinner Mexican tacos and style burger amirican Ice cream and drinks Chocolate and cream cocoacola drink jugs and nature He loves Mexican food and American ..

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UNIT VI This is my family The family of the famous singer and songwriter The Father Don Ricardo Arjona married to his wife Noemi Morales of arjona , his sisters Veronica and ingrid Arjona Morales Deisy is wife of Ricardo arjona have two beautiful children named Richard and adriana ..