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ATTENTION NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT By viewing this presentation, you are agreeing not to copy, and or share its contents, communicate any written or verbal information describing the invention in this presentation, which is marked as “Proprietary” and is provided by the inventor Brian Hassenflug, to any other persons and or companies within the United States and all other countries without the expressed written consent of said inventor. The Receiving Party also understands that by viewing this presentation, they are entering into a “Confidentiality Agreement Contract” between themselves and said Inventor, and is enforceable by State and Federal Laws of the United States of America. This Presentation & Invention is the Property of; © Water Watch / Brian Hassenflug 2006 U.S. Patent # 7,032,435 - All Rights Reserved.

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The ONLY Leak Detection System that Monitors your Entire Pressurized Fluid System.

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The ONLY Leak Detection System that Monitors your Entire Pressurized Fluid System. U.S. Patent # 7,032,435

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Up Date: New Home Video of our Demonstration Model showing the “Water Watch” System in action.

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Water Watch Demonstration Model “Home Video” U.S. Patent # 7,032,435

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Water Watch has a battery back up allowing the system to remain fully operational in the event of a power failure. Our electronically actuated valve does not require a power source to maintain its open or closed position, allowing Water Watch to maintain its original position in the event of a loss of power. Water Watch can use hard wired and wireless installation options. The system automatically closes and opens the shut off valve(s) at user set predetermined intervals to maintain freedom of valve movement.

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The entire system can be monitored and controlled from its centrally located control panel. Water Watch monitors the entire fluid system from line entry to the building, to all intended fluid use locations. Water Watch can be programmed to contact the user by telephone at a user set number, in the event of excessive water use or a system shut off, without monthly security company charges. The user can contact the Water Watch System by telephone to turn water off or on, from anywhere in the world.

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In the event of a system shut down due to a leak or excessive water use, Water Watch sounds an audible warning signal. Numerous systems can be connected together to monitor multiple units, either by individual building or by individual units. Water Watch controls leaks in broken or frozen pipes without the need for additional equipment. The Water Watch system can be used with any pressurized “conductive fluid” system.

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For more information please Contact:“Water Watch” Attn: Brian Hassenflug 6250 Telegraph Rd. Unit 511 Ventura, Ca. 93003 U.S.A. 805-844-6559 / 805-642-1945 [email protected] All contents © Water Watch / Brian Hassenflug - Patent # 7,032,435 All Rights Reserved 2006

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