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Pakistan World 302 Presentation Catoria Jefferson Rachel Griffin


Location Pakistan is located in South Asia It borders the countries China, India, Afghanistan and Iran It borders the Arabian Sea in the South.


Population There is an estimate of 182,589,000 people who live in Pakistan. The Gross Domestic Product value of Pakistan represents 0.37 percent of the world economy.

Pakistan Government:

Pakistan Government Federal Republic with three branches : Executive (President, Prime Minister, & National Security Council) , Legislative (Parliament, National Assembly, & Federal Government Ministers), & Judicial (Judiciary, Attorney General, Federal Court of Pakistan) President: Mamnoon Hussain Prime Minister: Mian Nawaz Sharif

Language & Religion:

Language & Religion Official Languages: English and Urdu Religion: Muslim (97%), Christian, Hindu, and some others. Muslims pray five times a day and Friday is their holy day. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk.

Greetings Across Pakistani:

Greetings Across Pakistani One thing that is different between Pakistani and US culture is that they do not use first names, unless you are closely related to them. One thing that is similar is that men typically shake each other’s hands when they first meet each other and that women hug and kiss one another. This is very similar to US culture as it is not a common task for men to hug and kiss one another once they meet each other initially.

Dining Etiquette:

Dining Etiquette When invited to someone’s home, it is important to remove shoes at the door. You must address the eldest person first. You can not start eating until the eldest person at the table has eaten. You only eat with the right hand Dining Etiquette in Pakistan is very different than from the US. We keep our shoes on and most times we do not eat as a family. We do not enforce eating a certain way it is more relaxed here in the US.

Business and Negotiations :

Business and Negotiations It is important to be on time for meetings, however they will keep you waiting. This is different from the US as we take being on time very seriously. It is important to maintain indirect eye contact. In the US, eye contact is a sign of confidence and honesty. It can take a numerous amount of visits before Pakastanis actually make a decision. They are very thorough and do not like to be pressured, they like win-win outcomes. In the US, we tend to make decisions under pressure and are more concerned about time.


Music Here a few Pakistani musicians that are popular and among the top ten. Here is link to a music video: http:// /x122sxt

Minorities in Pakistan (ParticularlyMuslim Pakistan):

Minorities in Pakistan ( ParticularlyMuslim Pakistan) Hindus and Christians face a lot of violence for being Non-Muslim These minorities believe that they are not protected by the state and that it is acceptable for them to be attacked “Non-Muslims make up a small fraction of the 180 million people in nuclear-armed Pakistan” Minorities believe that violence spread faster after election of Prime Minister Nawaz Every year more and more families are leaving

Relational Communication Norms in Pakistan:

Relational Communication Norms in Pakistan Self Disclosure: Parents and children are not as open in their relationship as opposed to parent and children relationships in the US Pakistan believes that self disclosure is not crucial to development, whereas the US does Pakistani’s communication style is indirect with elders, and direct with peers Also, Pakistanis do not use humor until a friendship is formed It is okay to interrupt those in conversation or carry on a separate one Pakistanis do not like saying “no”, but say “possibly” or “maybe”

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