The Top 6 Challenges Facing By Online Students

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6 Common Problems Faced by Online Students


Switching from on-campus to online makes the learning experience different Adaptability Students have to read and understand the course materials on their own Lacks face-to-face teaching and in-person collaboration


Unstable internet connection becomes a barrier Virus infection.. Technical Issues


Some students struggle to operate basic application software like MS-Word and PowerPoint Some do not know how to troubleshoot common computer problems/errors Computer Literacy


Adults struggle to manage job, family, and course assessments Some fail to meet homework deadlines Time Management This leads to stress and frustration for adult learners


Delayed response to queries Lack Of Self Motivation Some instructors do not explain in detail Students need to make an all-out effort to succeed in their online course They have to motivate themselves throughout their entire course


Social media websites divert attention from the particular task Continuous gazing at computer screens causes eye discomfort or irritation Distractions


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