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Gear up and hop onto some of the best places to visit in the world in 2018 - 19 Now plan your best dream vacation place to one of these best destination...


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September 27 2018 Gear up and hop onto some of the best places to visit in the world You probably have visited many sites and blogs that entice you to travel some of the best places to visit in the world. But wait Are those places worthy to pay a visit You can’t say before you pay a visit to those places. But what we have come up with are some of the must see places that are surely some of the best places to travel with friends and family. To acquaint you with some of the beautiful places to visit we painstakingly gathered a list of top tourist destinations in the world. Check that out. Croatia’s coolest city: Zadar You have heard the name of Croatia and may be its summer. But what if we tell you that there is a place in Croatia having cold climate where you can experience beauty in all its essence Zadar is one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world. Sir Alfred Hitchcock described Zadar’s sunset the most beautiful sunset in the world. There is a lot to see in Zadar. And what if we say that there is a giant solar-powered public dance floor Known to 1/4

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people as “Monument to the Sun” this giant dance floor is on the edge of the Zadar waterfront. A 22-metre disc representing the sun soaks up solar rays and as the night falls they radiate their collected energy in form of color light patterns. Don’t even think to miss a trip to Saharun Croatia’s best beach. Yes Saharun is one of the best beaches in the world and will cost you just a short ferry ride from Zadar. Turquoise waters along with the contrast of sky blue and sand is something that is not to be missed. The thing taken into consideration about Zadar and why it is included in the list of best places to visit in the world is that you will find little crowd and places scenery climate vibe food and seafood is top notch. You will find a handful of great seafood restaurants in the heart of Zadar or inside its ancient walls. It is no wonder that why people travel only to savor the taste that Zadar has. From truffles and gnocchi to rustic and moreish platter of baked octopus and potatoes. And when this beautiful place has lounges bars drinking spots what else do you need more Plan your visit for this beautiful place now. There are some of the apps available to download. So you can download one of Zadar apps and will not have any difficulty finding best places and spots in Zadar. Drape yourself in Flemish culture. Visit Bruges Belgium lovers If you are unaware of the beautiful city known as Bruges then you do not have experienced Belgium to the full. And when it is about food only the dunce can resist. Yes Belgium’s largest gourmet food festival is here to come. At the end of September more than 100000 visitors will put together their menus savoring a wide range of dishes. This food festival is a must to pay visit to and necessary for gastronomes gourmets and bon vivants. Other than food one of the places that make Bruges as one of the best places to visit in the world is Rozenhoedkaai. Rozenhoedkaai during winter is one of Bruges’ most romantic hotspots. Couples family friends visit and relax showing love and satisfaction that this city has. The brewery known as Brouwerij De Halve Maan is known for Brugse Zot- Bruges city beer. It is the brewery where the city beer is brewed. Strong taste high fermentation hops and special yeast make this beer one of the best beer to be served in Europe. There is a 3 2/4

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kilometer pipeline that starts from this brewery and goes all the way to the bottling plant in the suburbs. You can also have a tour to this brewery and at the end of your tour do not wonder if you are offered a free glass of Brugse Zot blond beer. You can also take a boat ride and explore Bruges through its amazing canals. What you explore are gardens picturesque bridges and amazing views. The charitable dwellings known as Almshouses were built in the 14th century. The reason they were erected was to lodge the elderly members of guilds. Today all the Almshouses have been restored and modernized and offer cosy living to the elderly. When you visit this place feel free to enter the premises of Almshouses but never forget to respect the elders and observe tranquility. God bless. Apart from the places mentioned Bequinage Burg Hansa Quarter Markt are some of the must see places in Bruges. All about cobblestones. Confused Plan your trip to Riga Riga is cobblestones if not all. It has got amazing architecture and richness in history. What you mainly notice is the streets of cobblestones. Riga has many beautiful places to visit but one of the sites that is more than worthy for your visit is Alberta street. The street is like a huge painting with intriguing details. Having houses restaurants and shops this street is composed of beautiful architecture that is hard to find anywhere in the world. Faces with helmets stand guard atop the buildings. Masks and goblins on lower sections of buildings are just phenomenal. Riga’s stock exchange is one of the most visited sites that features a group of deities dancing between the windows. Golden chandeliers just double the attraction inside the stock exchange. What to say of the Oriental Section. The Oriental Section features an Egyptian mummy along with amazing Chinese and Japanese ceramics. 3/4

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If you are in Riga don’t forget to haggle for some products in Riga Central Market. The market is vast offering you a vast variety of eatables. The dairy and fish departments are a must see places when you are in this market and it is no wonder why some call this market a treasure trove of bread beer and balsam. Don’t wait. Plan your trip today to one of the best places to visit in the world. The island unheard: Nevis Nevis is one of the three islands in the Caribbean that have the population of wild monkeys- vervet monkeys. The best time to spot them is either in dawn or dusk in dark woodlands around the Nevis Peak. Nevis Peak is 3232 feet mountain that surrounds attractive hotels villas and mind-blowing views. 4/4