The Top 7 Low-Cost Smartphone Gadgets - Best Gadgets to Buy in 2019


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There are a lot of smartphones gadgets and their features work on modern artificial intelligence. Everyone uses smartphones gadgets nowadays and these products can be found at various prices. Question is that which type of smartphone gadgets we want to buy. This ppt explain the top 7 low-cost smartphone gadgets which are the best buy in 2019.


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The Top 7 Low-Cost Smartphone Gadgets – Best Gadgets to Buy in 2019:

The Top 7 Low-Cost Smartphone Gadgets – Best Gadgets to Buy in 2019

At a Glance:

At a Glance There are various questions that come in mind when buying a smartphone gadget like features, size, RAM, battery life and more. It is good practice to research relevant information before reaching any decision unless you might regret buying it. 2

1. Nokia 9:

1. Nokia 9 Nokia 9 is the talk of the town. It is said that Nokia 9 will have 5 cameras on the back and a notched display on the front. It has Qualcomm hardware. We all have to wait for some time to find out. 3


Talk about Samsung's folding phone has been spread for a couple of years but official unveil of this smartphone gadget is a talk of the town. There is more buzz about the launch of this device as it has to be Infinity Flex display might be launched at MWC 2019. There's also rumors that it will cost about $2000/£1400. 4 2. Samsung Galaxy F


Apple iPad 9.7 Inch option is the best option to choose when you are looking something cheaper for your kids to play. This is a great gadget in design and to use with high-resolution screen. It has great mechanical software and a huge roundup of apps. 5 3. Apple iPad 9.7 Inch

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Note 9 has launched on 22 August but the gossip of the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a talk of the town. In this model, it is said 3.5 mm headphone has no more. Screen size has been increased. There is a suggestion that Samsung will continue to avoid notch - perhaps with in-display cameras. 6


In 2018, Samsung had not rolled out its smartphone models with major changes, but in 2019 it is rumored that it is launching Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ in coming February or March 2019. There has a lot of talks related to these models of Samsung. For Samsung Galaxy S10, it is said that it will have to be five cameras means 3 on back and 2 on front. There will be the new generation of 5G capable handsets or 5G variant at least. 7 5. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+


Rumors related to the OnePlus handset are known to everyone. About this device, it is said that it would be launching a 5G handset in 2019. But some are saying that this is not a OnePlus 7 instead it will be OnePlus 7T. 8 6. OnePlus 7

7. Google Pixel 3 and 3XL:

7. Google Pixel 3 and 3XL Pixel 3 and 3XL are the products of Google. These models are almost the same the only difference is that battery capacity and overall size. While Google Pixel 3XL has a 6.3-inch, 18:9 display and 3430 mAh battery and on the other hand Pixel 3 has exactly the same features, but it has a 5.5 inch display screen and 2915 mAh battery. 9

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