An Exotic Stay at a Weekend Holiday Resort in Kolkata


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Luxurious Holiday resorts can be a relaxing weekend destination. Spend your weekend with family and friends, as the resorts like Country Roads offer maximum comforts like world class gym, pub, spa parlor etc. Visit


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An Exotic Stay at a Weekend Holiday Resort in Kolkata

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Are Holiday Resorts good Weekend Destinations? After a tiring week in front of the office computer, all one needs is a relaxing weekend. Movies and shopping malls are flooded with people during weekends. Under these circumstances, the holiday resorts which are filled with modern amenities have suddenly emerged as a top weekend getaways destinations for common people.

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Is it good for Business Meetings? The luxury resorts are not just meant for fun and comfort. Big conference halls with nice seating arrangements, LED video screens, power back up and a perfect setting makes them ideal for a big business meet. Today, these resorts are very popular choice for corporate venues hosting big business meetings.

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What do the Holiday Resorts Offer? The day outing resorts near Kolkata are really an ideal place to hang out. It is filled with modern amenities such as world-class gyms, pub, spa parlor, swimming pool, playground, indoor sports, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Fishing and other adventure activities are also supported. The European interiors and cozy furniture make your stay a deluxe stay.

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