Dairy Process Automation


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Cotmac provides advanced engineering tools for dairies and cheese makers with the Advanced Process Functions (APF) engineering tool. It could now transfer benefits from reduced operating costs, more consistent product quality, and flexible expansion capabilities to both the consumers and its legion of suppliers.


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Milk Powder Plant Automation:

Milk Powder Plant Automation Customer: Milk Powder Plant , India Segment: Dairy Process Requirements : Following Sections had to be automated Milk Reception and Storage Calendria Evaporator MSD Spray Dryer CIP Utilities Engineering , Development and Commissioning of Brewery plant with Simatic PCS7 V 7.0

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Customer: Milk Powder Plant, India Segment: Dairy Process Implementation : Milk Powder Plant Automation 100 TPD Milk Powder Plant Automation using PCS7 6.1 Configuration of Profibus DP , PA , ASI Devices Simocode DP With PDM APC configuration with Honeywell’s APC…… No Of I/O Count Upto 1200

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Customer: Milk Powder Plant , India Segment: Dairy Process Benefits : Standardized milk production Improved quality of milk Longer shelf life Reduced losses due to perishability of milk Milk Powder Plant Automation