Automation of Dairy Process


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Cotmac provides advanced engineering tools for dairies and cheese makers with the Advanced Process Functions (APF) engineering tool. It could now transfer benefits from reduced operating costs, more consistent product quality, and flexible expansion capabilities to both the consumers and its legion of suppliers.


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Fully automated Dairy A dream of every farmer

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Implementing a state-of-art dairy system is the dream of every farmer. Dairy products ranks among the world’s largest markets. Dairy industry needs to expand rapidly to meet the demands of this market.

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State of the industry Consumers are demanding dairy products with cleaner labels, value-added ingredients, sugar reductions and more. Plant-based milks, meat alternatives, and vegan offerings are becoming mainstream. Manufacturers are trying to enhance the nutritional profile of dairy products by adding health-enhancing ingredients. Manufacturers have to find and use ingredients that can provide the functionality and shelf life that customers need—and have to do it in the most minimalist way possible.

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Top trends in Dairy Automation Today the prevailing challenges in dairy industry are : Reducing waste and optimising production. Reducing energy consumption and therefore fuel bills. Ensuring the safety of their production and their supply chains. Creating products of the utmost quality drawing on technologies that are designed to optimise consumer acceptance. Pursuit of novel technologies that overcome the shortcomings of existing processing methods. AND HENCE – INVESTMENT IN AUTOMATION

We have the answer:

We have the answer We will help you build capacities, improve quality of your products, and help meet the rising demand of the market. Deploying Siemens Automation systems, we will help you enhance your production of packaged milk, milk powder, ice creams, and other milk based products.

Smooth transition:

Smooth transition Demonstrating the recommended system Technology workshop for end users Integration of automation system in the plant’s Control Room Entire plant processes optimized with the help of Simatic PCS7 and standardized Dairy Library ( Advanced Process Function Technology package )


Benefits COTMAC as a one-stop shop for electrical and Siemens automation systems Dairy-specific tool sets that help achieve maximum efficiency Cost savings due to automation Minimal manual interventions for increased productivity High level of plant availability and reliability

Success stories:

Success stories Multiple locations in subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) Danish milk processing unit Leading dairy products manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh

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