How to Develop Responsive Websites in 10 minutes


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Learn how to make Responsive Website in just 2 simple steps. Create a Responsive Website Development with the help of our expert website developers - Mukesoft Web Development Company


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Develop Responsive Website in Just 10 Minutes

Meaning of Responsive :

Meaning of Responsive The term Responsive means , To provide “ Reacting Quickly and Positively ” to the users .

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Growing Demand for Smart phones Multiple Screen Sizes and Mobile Browsers Easy Reading. Reduce Scrolling and Zooming. Wide Usage of Internet Why You Need A Responsive Website?

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1. Meta Tag 2. CSS Media Queries Responsive Design In 2 Steps

What are Meta Tags?:

What are Meta Tags? Meta tag is a coding statement in HTML. Information provided in the meta tags is used by the search engines for page indexation. Placed at the top of a web page as a part of heading. We use viewport meta tag for making a web page Mobile Optimized. See the example on next page. The viewport tag below tells the browser to use the device width as the viewport width and disable the initial scale. Include this meta tag in the <head>.


Examples Example: <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0” /> Internet Explorer 8 or older doesn't support media query. You can use media-queries.js or respond.js to add media query support in IE. Example: <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script src =""></script> <![ endif ]-->

CSS Media Queries:

CSS Media Queries CSS3 media query is the trick for responsive design. It is like writing if conditions to tell the browser how to render the page for specified viewport width. The following set of rules will be in effect if the viewport width is 980px or less. Basically, I set all the container width from pixel value to percentage value so the containers will become fluid.

Example 1 of Media Queries:

Example 1 of Media Queries /* for 980px or less */ @media screen and (max-width: 980px) { # pagewrap { width: 94%; } #content { width: 65%; } #sidebar { width: 30%; } }

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Then for viewport 700px or less, specify the #content and #sidebar to auto width and remove the float so they will display as full width. /* for 700px or less */ @media screen and (max-width: 700px) { #content { width: auto; float: none; } #sidebar { width: auto; float: none; } } Example 1 of Media Queries

Advantages of Responsive Web Designing:

Advantages of Responsive Web Designing

Advantages to the Users:

Advantages to the Users Adjusts to every screen. It automatically shuffles content, resizes images, and adjusts font size. Users are able to read information as per their needs and preferences. Search Engines Like It. Content accessibility across devices.

Disadvantage of responsive Web Designing:

Disadvantage of responsive Web Designing

Disadvantages to the Users:

Disadvantages to the Users It Breaks A Feature-Driven Website. No compatibility for IE 8. It Costs More and Takes Longer.

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