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Cosmopoli'French is pushing the boundaries of education by offering culturally evocative experiences and a practical approach to learning. Discover Cosmopoli’French and explore the French assets of your beautiful city Melbourne!


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Five Cool Reasons to Learn to Speak French French is an international language spoken by more than 200 million people worldwide. The ninth most spoken language in the world also stands for dance architecture the visual arts theatre fashion and haute cuisine. It is also considered as a language of diplomacy and sophistication. That is why it has been officiated by several organisations from the United Nation to the European Union and the International Red Cross. Learning this language can be beneficial for you professionally. Here is the list of reasons which might compel you to find a French class in Melbourne.

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1. A cultural language French is the international language representing the art of cooking dance theatre the visual arts fashion and architecture. Acquiring the knowledge of French can provide you access to the world of original French literature as well as films and songs. Victor Hugo Zinedine Zidane Edith Piaf and many other artists and personalities who speak this culturally rich language. 2. It’s not that difficult People who speak English don’t have the greatest reputation for speaking foreign languages but French can be learnt fairly easily by Anglophones. This is because both English and French have a pretty mixed-up history. French was adopted as the language of power on the British Isles in 1066 and continued to be so for next 400 years. 3. A language of the world

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Only English and German are the two languages which exceed French as the most widely used language on the internet. If you can understand French then you have the ability to see the world in a different shade through communication with French speakers alike from across the world and news from the leading international French media. 4. A language of love and reason No other language is as romantic as the French. Appreciating the beautiful eyes of your partner will mesmerise them nonetheless it’s even more romantic to say “T’as de beaux yeux tu sais.” Its poetic tone will help you win the heart of the gorgeous lady you’ve had your eye on. 5. French is more than just France Even a lifetime would be counted less when it comes to discovering the abundant delights of France from the magnificent chateau near Loire River to the amazing opportunities of hiking and skiing in the Alps and the Pyrenees and the world-famous galleries and museum located in virtually every major French city. Contact Us 365 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 0424 284 586

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