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Cosmopoli'French is an exciting new concept language school based in Melbourne. It is designed in an innovative way to promote French culture while helping Francophiles develop excellent communication skills. Visit:-


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Learn French in the most effective way. French culture has deeply impressed the world by their approach towards art and culture and hence French language has established a massive cluster of patrons and admirers. In itself being the centre and flag bearer of the literary and cultural revolution in modern times learning French language and culture has massive relevance and benefits for students and professionals of theoretical and comparative art and culture studies. Along with English it is the only language spoken in all five continents hence learning it will open heaps of academic and carrier options. For those who want to visit study or work in France learning its language will push their chances of fruitful stay. But learning a language is tricky if not done with effective methods. Concentrating on grammar and attempts to mug it up will not give the desired results in framed time. It has been found that involving all the senses and being involved in the culture give better and fast results. Other than focusing on grammar listening to music watching movies understanding the pronunciation and etymology of words and phrases help in getting better results. Hence learning from native speakers and talking to them gives your brain the necessary training it needs to adapt a language.

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Cosmopoli French is the only French class in Melbourne which exposes students to complete French culture and provide a rapid way of learning real French. The Native speaking French teacher with qualification and years of experience in teaching the language provides holistic approach of learning which involved not only reading but also speaking essentials pronunciation phonetic descriptions French music movies and writing assignments. With more and more real life tasks and lessons they provide cultural evocative experience and practical approach towards learning the language like French conversation group in Melbourne.

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So if you are obsessed with French culture and language or you have professional of academic aspirations in France or you just love art and culture call Cosmopoli French classes. They will teach you in the most fun and rewarding way. You will learn the language of arts without even knowing. Contact us:- CosmopoliFrench 365 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Call:- 0424 284 586

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