How Does Geofencing work and its Strategies


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Let’s take a look at how does geofencing work to drive revenue, create new business, and build brand loyalty.


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How Does Geofencing work and its Strategies?:

How Does Geofencing work and its Strategies?

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Successful geofencing creates a meaningful interaction between brand and customer. To work well, this mobile marketing strategy requires more than technology. It also requires precision customer targeting and a genuine, personalized message. Let’s take a look at how does geofencing work to drive revenue, create new business, and build brand loyalty. The mobile marketing strategy of geofencing gives local, multi-channel businesses an opportunity to interact through mobile devices with potential customers who are nearby and ready-to-buy, before they walk through the door. This makes it a powerful way to connect with both new customers looking for your product and current customers in the area.

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Think of it like expanding the store, shop, or restaurant. Except with geofencing, you can apply digital marketing strategies to target specific customers. You’re not standing in your door-way calling to every passerby. With geofencing you know exactly who to reach out to, not in the way of ‘Hey, buy this now,’ but as a friend who offers exactly what is needed, when it’s needed. Geofencing advertising agency starts with technology. It uses technologies like GPS, or even IP address ranges to build their “fence”. When users with a mobile device enter the specific area and have an App related to the business or key in relevant search terms, they can receive messages, ads, or notifications of special offers for in-store purchases.

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The size of the fenced area depends on location. It could be a one-mile radius in a city, or walking-distance. In rural areas, it could be a much wider area. Regardless, it enables local businesses to offer hyper local deals. Due to the highly localized and targeted audience, the strategy produces fewer, but much higher quality clicks for a better ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS). The successful geofencing strategy relies on meeting customer’s where they are. This requires knowing your customer and leveraging the power of ‘Near Me’ searches. Demographics and psychographics play a vital role here as do search analytics.

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A vital element of this strategy requires the customer opt-in and be receptive to receiving the offer. Having an App on a mobile device is one form of opt-in. Paid search and social media ads – Paid search, or native display ads, appears when users Google (or Bing) search relevant keyword terms within the designated area. These ads don’t generate a lot of clicks but they do connect with highly qualified and motivated prospects likely to engage with the ad and visit the ocation . Social media advertising works in much the same way as display ads. A user active in a social platform and within a “Geofencing advertising agency” see an ad based on their demographic information. Of the social platforms, Twitter and Facebook work very well as many of the active users are mobile.

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