Importance and benefits of Geofencing in mobile marketing


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Using Geo-fencing in mobile marketing has lot of applications and benefits, some of them are a mentioning below.


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Importance and Benefits of Geo-Fencing in Mobile Marketing in Today's time:

As the human technology is increasing day by day the uses of one device is overtaken by another in just a little time. Desktop is an advance technology which has numerous functions, but in just last few years their position also almost taken by the new feature mobiles. Yes, mobiles are started to overtake the desktops which are widely used for internet browsing and because of this lot of companies are starting too integrated in the mobile market. Due to this the competition in the mobile marketing is increasing in a high rate and the location intelligence is found as the main factor as the mobile marketing strategy. Importance and B enefits of Geo-Fencing in Mobile Marketing in Today's time

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As the location intelligence is becoming major factor, the most coming factor with it is the Geo-Fencing. Now Geo-Fencing mobile marketing is the face of new location base mobile marketing.In this location base marketing the brands uses their customers’ mobile device i.e. they use physical location to interact with them. Now mobile Geo-fencing is a location base service in which a digital geographic fence or simply geo-fence is created around the physical location of the customer which gives the detail of their customer visited place. For example if a certain coffee shop or book shop creates a geo-fence which covers almost one or two mile of its perimeter around there physical shop location. If a certain customer enters their geo-fence then those customer will receive a coupon, which have option to receive communication generated by the fence and as a result it helps to grow their business.

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Geo-fencing in mobile marketing has lot of applications and benefits, some of them are a mentioning below: Effectiveness in the advertisement: One can increase their effectiveness in the out of home advertisement by setting a geo-fence which help the market researcher to know their consumers movement. With this they can analyze and compare their customers’ visitation with other store . Effectiveness in the feedback: With the help of geo-fence market researcher can get the feedback of a customer freshly after they just used their service. This is done by the triggering the geo-fence when a customer enter or exist their store and ask some simple question of their experience.

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Help to analyze their competitor: Market researcher can get the data that what kind of factor made a customer to choose one store over another by setting geo-fence around their rivalry company or competitor location. This is a great way to find what ones company lacking then their competitor. Like this there are other application such as monitoring a customer’s behaviour and doing some field research are also can be done by geo-fencing.


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