Secrets to a Successful Geo Fence Campaign

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Secrets to a Successful Geo Fence Campaign :

You already have got a fair idea what we are going to talk about. That is – geo fencing. Geo fencing is one of the most used and popular ways through which marketers can do different kinds of marketing campaigns – unique and different from the rests. You can see that most of your customers use the smartphones – whether it is an android one or an iPhone , not a single person can live without any kind of digital devices. And that is when you can take the advantage of these situations by incorporating the geofencing marketing campaigns for the business you are running. Secrets to a Successful Geo Fence Campaign

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Before you ask that, the question should be how do you effectively do that? Smart marketers build geo fences around key physical sites: stores, arenas, airports, schools, even competitor outlets. These fences create zones that trigger an SMS message or other action when a customer enters or leaves. And this is what is called geofencing . Although it is new in mobile marketing, and there are some important secrets to getting right. Do not make the fence big – It is very important you should make sure that the fence you are creating isn’t that big. By the definition you already know that geo fence is all about the size and the shape. So you always need to make sure that the geo fence is small and relevant.

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Set the geo fence only where it is relevant – When you set up a geo fence, you need to make sure that the geo fence is set where your customers are. By doing that, you make sure that you are improving the marketing ROI and that exactly what you need for your business. That means, the geo fence isn’t necessarily has to be round your store. It can be near your competitor’s store, near the airport, near another neighbourhood and many others. Don’t use blend messages – If your message is an ad versus an action, you will not drive the customer behaviour you desire. You are not alone in your geo fence aspirations. More than half of the people in US are using Geo fencing. Your message must be brief, be locally-relevant and prompt action. And money always drives action: do not be cheap.

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