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By CoolDXB Dubai Basic Dishwasher Repair Tips

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● There are many common and simple things that you can do by yourself if you have a faulty dishwasher in your home. ● Just check the problem and try to do it by yourself before calling the professional.

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Basic Guide to Dishwasher Repair Services

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1 Problem: Dishes Do Not Cleaned Properly or Leave the Spots Reasons: ➢ Overloading: Check the capacity in the owner’s manual and load the dishes as per the instruction. ➢ Hard Water: if your water is very much harder you should use water softening system.

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➢ Spray Arm Problem: ● The spray arm can be blocked easily with utensil or small items. ● If the water spray arm doesn’t move correctly You just need to unscrew the spray arm clean the food and other debris. ● Then put the arm at the right place again. ➢ Detergent Type: ● Use the quality detergent for cleaning the dishwasher. ● If your current detergent brand is not cleaning the dishes properly you should try the different one.

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2 Problem: After Completion of Cleaning a Slow Leak or a Large Pool of Water Found On the Floor Reasons: ➢ Detergent: ● You need to use the specific detergent for dishwasher. ● If you do not use an appropriate type of detergent. ● it might create too much foam or suds that can damage the appliance.

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➢ Bad Seal: ● Check under the door if you find the drips directly there it’s because of the bad seal. ● This seal is made up from soft rubber or vinyl that instantly gets dirty and less flexible as the time passes. ● Inspect the damage and replace it if required.

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➢ The above problems are small where you can do the work by yourself. ➢ But for the major issues you should call the professionals for dishwasher repair services in Dubai.

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