5 Signs Your AC Need Immediate Expert Attention for Repairing


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5 Signs Your AC Need Immediate Expert Attention for Repairing A guide by CoolDXB Dubai

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Introduction ➔ People who live in Dubai usually face a hot-summer temperature ➔ Dubai has a sub-tropical and desert climate ➔ people depends on air conditioner especially and can’t avoid in the summer months.

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● If AC is not functioning in a normal way and you see any of the following signs with your AC. ● No need to waste your time in fact immediate call AC expert to repair it

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1. Loud and Wired Sound ● Suddenly your AC start grinding and squealing sound might be a very strong symbol of AC repairing

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2. Changes in Cooling Quality of Air-Flow ● ● Hot air is blowing out from the vents of your Air Conditioner. ● Level of air is low and down after full speed of AC even If you feel cooling quality problems like:

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3 Unusual Sudden Unpleasant Smell ● A signal of inner issue of motor wiring has broken down

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4 Moisture and Leakage ● If you notice moisture on the unwanted place or any leakage around your Air- Conditioner.

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5. Sudden increase in power consumption bill ● Unusual increment that you energy bill then it also might be a cause of AC problem.

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Meet Marcos. He recently opened a camera shop near the Louvre in Paris. Visitors to his store mostly tourists speak many different languages making anything beyond a simple transaction a challenge. Story for illustration purposes only ● If recognize any of the above mentioned symbols. ● don’t waste your time and immediate call expert of AC repairing service.

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