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How To Increase The Longevity of Split AC

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❏ Many people are suffering from a number of diseases because of the global warming. ❏ We are also a part of this global warming effect. ❏ To reduce this we should take proper care of our electrical appliances such as air conditioning systems heating systems etc.

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Intro ➔ You must maintain the appliance properly to make it environment friendly. ➔ Here are some of the effective tips that will help you to increase the performance and durability of your Air Conditioning system.

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★ Filters are the most important part of the AC system. ★ Depending on the use these filters need replacement in every month or maximum after two months. 1. Filters ★ If you do not change the filters you will get dirty and polluted air that can cause the health issues. ★ This type of air also increases the maintenance cost of the air conditioning system.

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2. Compressor ★ The compressor is the second most important part in air conditioning system. ★ It helps to compare the low pressure low volume gas into high pressure high volume gas as per the requirement of the AC system. ★ This compressor also used to maintain the low boiling point as the compressor removes the vapor from the evaporator. ★ To enjoy the cool and refreshing air the compressor needs to be clean regularly. ★ You can also find a special kind of oil that is designed to increase the durability of the AC system.

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Air Duct ★ Air duct cleaning is also an essential part of the maintenance. ★ keep the ducts clean to get fresh and clean air.

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★ The refrigerant in air conditioning system absorbs the excess heat and passes cool air inside the house. ★ The main problem most of the people face with refrigerant is the leakage. So if you are facing the same issue call the professional for split AC repair service in Dubai. 4. Refrigerant

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