Common Types of Windows and Doors for Your Home

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Common Types of Windows and Doors For Your Home :

Common Types of Windows and Doors For Your Home

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Windows and doors are always a hot topic when anyone talks about home improvement or renovations. Not only are they a big part of the design and style of your home, but they also have a role in saving energy and home security. Most modern homeowners want energy efficiency to be part of their windows and doors, but aside from that feature, making a choice can be challenging. Here are some of the common types of windows and doors you might use in your home to help you make a decision.

Common Types of Windows:

Common Types of Windows Windows let in the light, they keep out the cold and rain and they complement the style of your home. Here are some of the more common ones: Single Tilt Slider - this type of window operates from side to side, and has two sashes. One sash moves and one doesn’t and the one that does can tilt in toward the room to simplify cleaning. Double Tilt Slider - this one has two sashes and they both move from side to side, and both tilt into the room. They also have a screen that covers the glass part.

Common Windows cont…:

Common Windows cont… Single Hung - this type of window works vertically with one stationary sash and one that tilts into the room. There is also a screen that covers up half the window. Double Hung - a double hung window has two sashes that move vertically and both tilt into the room. Casement Window - this is a tall and narrow window with a handle that requires cranking to get it open. Casement windows can open to the left or the right.

More Windows:

More Windows Awning Window - this type of window has a cranking handle like a casement window, and it pushes the bottom of the sash outward when it is turned. Fixed Picture Window - this window doesn’t open at all and are used alone or along with casement or bay/bow windows. Bay/Bow Windows - these are the types of window that protrude from the house and have a large, stationary window in the middle and casements on the sides.

Common Types of Doors:

Common Types of Doors Doors are also an important factor in the windows and doors combination. There are several types to choose from, so it’s wise to read about the characteristics before making a choice. Steel Doors - steel doors are strong and durable and can usually work with several design styles. They are also very easy to maintain. Fibreglass - these doors have a polyurethane core and use very little wood in manufacturing. They come in a wide range of colours and won’t shrink or warp in the sun.

Common Doors cont…:

Common Doors cont… Wooden Door - wood doors are being used less and less as newer materials take over. Most wooden doors are made from veneer panels or wood laminates that won’t warp or crack as often. Aluminum - these are mostly used for screen doors, and patio doors, as their light weight makes them perfect for that function. PVC - this is a lightweight material that is resistant to corrosion and all forms of weather. They are reinforced with steel on the inside for strength and energy savings.


Considerations Remember that there a lot of extras when it comes to windows and doors that go beyond just the basic style. The frames of both are important to consider, as is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. For doors, the type of glass you include in the door design will give a lot of the character to the door, as will any etchings or added designs.


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