App Marketers Switched To Artificial Intelligence To Drive Growth


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The main goal of app marketing is to reach as many users as possible but because of lack of knowledge & improper use of existing data, app marketers are failed to deliver productive user experiences. That’s the reason mobile app developers switched to custom AI mobile app development to enhance their reach among targeted users. Let’s have a look.


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App Marketers Switched To “ Artificial Intelligence “ To Drive Growth

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Did you know that 80% of users churn within 3 months of downloading an app ? That’s because most apps are marketed to the masses & not necessarily to the right customers . The goal of app marketing is to reach as many consumers as possible with the hopes of recruiting en masse & converting at better-than-average ratios . App marketers aren’t using available data strategically to deliver productive user experiences that ultimately drive business profitability .

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The reason behind the app failure is that most of the developers and entrepreneurs aren’t availing existing data . For achieving this, marketers must shift their focus from traditional measures to new efficient one in order to make their app successful . Marketers to achieve the goal of mobile app marketing & to increase the reach of their app with loyal customers . Let’s Discuss to Promote Their App in The Market:- Reasons Behind The App Failure in The Market

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80 % of B2B marketing executives predict that AI will revolutionize the industry by 2020. We have seen some major invention in the technology & its potential in mobile marketing industry becomes huge. For example, Amazon, we all know about it & how it covers the e-commerce business across the world. How AI will Transform The App Marketing

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With the help of AI integrated solutions, app companies started gaining new users & opportunities for companies that generate huge revenue by increasing the app downloading. Emails , messages, newsletters & other traditional techniques can irritate your users & send them straight to the app uninstall button . Benefits of AI & How it Revolutionized The App Marketing How AI Revolutionized The App Marketing

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Marketers need to be focused & informed about who, what, and when they sell to their users. AI automated routes, we can get the customers purchasing pattern & mold our marketing strategies . Learn Purchasing Behaviors

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AI can help you to prioritize the needs of customers by allowing them to send relevant messages at the right time of the day . It will help a brand to keep their user’s update & to build trust & encouraging re-engagement . Nowadays , customer engagement & app marketing becomes a cross-functional & it represents the brand value throughout the life cycle of business . Enhance Customer’s Experience

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