How AI is Molding Role of Your Pharmacist


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It is impractical to predict the future of the healthcare industry without AI. Previously it has not made any deify contributions in the healthcare industry but now has gained tremendous hype because of machine-based learning. Let see our ppt which brief you how AI is molding role of your pharmacist.


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How AI is Molding Role of Your Pharmacist

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Imagine this you wake up one morning with a sore throat & a fever. It feels pretty serious, so you decide you need some medical intervention. You open an app on your Smartphone, access your (EHR) & answer a series of questions. Based on your symptoms & visual evidence, the app determines that you likely have strep throat. It issues an order for a diagnostic test & sends you to the local pharmacy for treatment .

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Compared to other nations, health care in the US is consistently ranked worst & most expensive by the Commonwealth Fund. Most of the American spends nearly more than $10,000 per year on health care. According to a recent survey, “1,000+ Americans over the age of 40 would prefer to pay cash for pharmacy services instead of a doctor’s office . Let’s Discuss AI to Immersed in The Healthcare Industry Health Care Expenses Are Through The Roof

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Doctors are not going anywhere they will remain in the industry but their role in the future health care system may change. Neural networking system allows doctors to diagnose early-stage cancer with commensurate accuracy as compared to human dermatologists . AI embedded wearable devices allow healthcare providers to track health record remotely without wasting time & energy . Why Artificial Intelligence is a Good Human Doctors

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In the US, pharmacists are in a sterling position, their primary goal is to treat illness & preventive care . The information gathered by pharmacists while having interactions with the patient . Many pharmacists still believe that pharmacies would become more vigorous & efficient with the integration of AI centric services & AI mobile applications . Pharmacies are Important Health Care Providers for Many Americans

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