5 Challenges Need to be Overcome in Web Application Development


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There are five challenges in web app development are user interface & experience, scalability, performance, security, and knowledge of framework and platforms. All of these challenges have a clear solution that can be completed quickly, strengthening the business overall increasing revenue. Let's see our ppt.


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1 5 Challenges Need to be Overcome in Web Application Development

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2 Web development is expediting at an aggressive rate. Better & user-friendly interfaces are in demand. When it comes to developing a successful web app there are a number of factors defining that success. Customers are eager to know the different aspects of your product such as its cost, look and value for money.

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3 User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). Scalability. Performance. Knowledge of Framework & Platforms. Security. Some of The Problems Being Faced in Developing Web Apps

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4 User Interface and User Experience Simpler & customer oriented web application is highly expected now. It is the small user interface elements that make the biggest impact. In the era of smartphones, websites should be responsive enough on the smaller screens. If your web apps frustrate or confuse users, then it is difficult to maintain your customer’s loyalty to your website.

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5 Scalability Scalability is neither performance nor it’s about making good use of computing power & bandwidth. It’s about load balancing between the servers, hence, when the load increases additional servers can be added to balance it. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help in improving scalability when more and more servers are added. SOA gives you the flexibility to change easily.

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6 Performance It is accepted that website speed has the major importance for a successful website. When your business is online every second count. Slow web applications are a failure. As a result, customers abscond your website thus, damaging your revenue as well as reputation.

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7 Knowledge of Framework & Platforms Frameworks are the kick start for development languages. Developers need not do hand-coding web applications from the ground up. Frameworks offer features like models, APIs, snippets of code & other elements to develop dynamic web applications. Developers & business owners should have a clear understanding of their company needs related to website & app development.

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8 Security In the midst of design & user experience, web app security is often neglected. Security should be considered throughout the software development life cycle, especially when the app is dealing with the vital information such as payment details, contact information, & confidential data. The website should be carefully coded to be safe against these security concerns.

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