5 Easy & Effective Ways to Launch Your Mobile Application


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Mobile apps are booming all around the world and making a solid place in consumer or users hearts. Whether it is an Android, iOS, and Windows app, each one has their unique and special features which define the business. In this ppt, we have discussed 5 easy and effective ways to launch your mobile application. Let's have a look.


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5 Easy & Effective Ways to Launch Your Mobile App

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Mobile apps are booming all around the globe & making a solid place for customers or users hearts. In a survey, it has been found that the market of apps is escalating at a non-predictable rate. Entrepreneurs from every industry are adapting their business to mobile apps & making their presence strong on the online platform.

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Here 5 Tips for a Successful Mobile App Launch Establish Target Audience. Have a Marketing Strategy. Search for Feedback Before Launch. Use Social Media. Respond to Feedback After Launch.

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Establish Target Audience The 1st thing you need to figure out for your app is who it will be geared towards, that is, who your marketing demographic will be. A financial app that helps you monitor the progress of your investments. For e.g.:- Will be geared towards older customers, who may also be slightly less phone-savvy.

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Have a Marketing Strategy The early steps of app development should include market research. Figure out what currently exists on the market today in your related field. You should use this research to help figure out what you can develop that will set you apart. Find something unique and make that your selling point.

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Search for Feedback Before Launch Before you launch your app, you should have a customer beta period that will give app users an opportunity to describe what the user experience actually looks like. During the development process for your app, you should seek out beta testers that can review your app as you construct it. You should conduct beta-testing once development is completed but before the launch to cast any last-minute errors or bugs.

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Use Social Media This is the era of social media, which means your app launch has to focus on & include social media in its marketing plans. Social media is really just representative of what people are talking about which means if it’s on social media, it is what people are talking about.

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Respond to Feedback After Launch Once your app is launched, you need to make sure you have a robust customer service department and bug reporting programs. Customers who feel ignored will quickly take to social media to complain as quickly as they went to social media to learn about or talk about your app. Mobile apps are ubiquitous, which means you have to be responsive, innovative and smart to make a successful app in today’s marketplace.

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