Now Jetsons World Is No More Prediction: It Has Become Reality In 2018


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Home-like Jetson is no more dream as IoT has introduced us to the 3D world with holograms where robots will do all mundane work at your fingertips. Our newly ppt will give you a snippy about how IoT embedded smart homes are far better than the traditional one.


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Now Jetsons World Is No More Prediction: It Has Become Reality In 2018

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Wondering who is “ Jetsons ”? If you are from the 90s, maybe you have seen it, if are not then it’s a cartoon character way ahead of its time,  they introduced us to a 3-D world with holograms. They showed personal robots for doing the daily chores, now 60 years later the imaginary world of Jetson has become a reality. With the help of IoT, we have reached a place where homes and “things” are connected to each other and changed the relationship we have with our homes.

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According to the research, by the end of 2018, roughly 30% homes will be connected with connecting devices. This number will reach to 80% in the US as long as IoT mobile applications continue to solve real problems. Today, for the security reason users wants to connect and monitor their homes even miles away from their home. Here are Some Studies That Reveal The Connected Home Space in 2018 & Beyond

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The first smart thermostat introduced the concept of a smart home that now has become bigger & promising. The promises made by Nest was quite big & created huge hype. IoT that made our life easy and secure as now we have connected devices like smart kitchen appliances, smart lighting, home security devices and lot more. How IoT is Bringing Smart Home Revolution

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Benefits Of Smart Home Apps Protect Your Home When You are Away. Easily Handle Daily Chores. Wake You Up in The Morning. Simply Follow Your Voice Command.

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Homes have many issues & the most common is security. Due to increasing the rate of loots & security breaches, the demand for safer home has also increased. Smart homes are conjugated with intelligent home monitors & wearable trackers that can track home activities while you are away. Protect Your Home When You are Away

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Internet of Things (IoT) enabled homes, can deal with day to day works like cooking, sweeping, dusting and others. They also good for the environment by reducing the consumption of electricity and gas. Easily Handle Daily Chores For e.g.:- If you leave your house, IoT sensors will automatically switch off the lights, AC and fans and can also start the lights and AC by receiving the signal that you’re reaching home.

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Hectic schedule & late night work won’t allow us to wake up early in the morning due to this sometimes we also missed our meeting. But now, no need to worry because smart homes can open up your curtains by sensing the heat of the sun’s rays & can remind you your fixed schedule for the day. Wake You Up in The Morning

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Amazon Echo has associated with Saavn to play anything from their collection by simply asking Alexa to play it. “ play the latest song”. With the help of IoT mobile app, you can change the music from any room as the smart speaker device senses your presence, it gives you complete control over your smart home app. Simply Follow Your Voice Command

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