Why Micro Apps Are The Future of Mobile App Development?


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Micro Apps are the future of mobile app development industry. By giving the users a no distraction experience, the concept has been bringing to the point of experience back in the mobile app picture. Let’s see our PPT which briefs you why micro apps are the future of mobile app development?


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Why Micro Apps Are The Future of Mobile App Development?

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The purpose of the mobile app, since its advent, has been to offer quick solutions to users, which they won’t have to browse websites.   The competition of thousands of similar apps has taken brands away from offering to the point solutions to provide them with a wholesome feature-rich mobile app. There is no way to judge which approach is better, but over time, we have been observing that offering quick solutions has become the new mantra to app success.

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Micro Apps are HTML based, customized applications that are built to solve a specific purpose. They may be a part of a bigger mobile app. For example, while Face book Messenger app is a part of Face book, Google Weather app acts as a standalone micro-app in form of a card in the device’s Google Page. What are Micro Mobile Apps?

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Micro apps represent the minimalist version of original full-sized apps that have the potential to help & engage users with specific features. Micros apps do not conform to the widely practiced size of popular apps & focus on one or a small number of features, benefiting both users & mobile app developers alike in the matters of:- What Exactly is The Idea of Micro-Apps? Speed. Brevity. Attention span. Size. Convenience.

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Mobile Apps have Become Irksome. Lack of an In & Out Experience. Soaring Mobile App Development Cost. Why The Sudden Rise in Demand for Micro Applications Development?

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In the race to offer more value than the competitors, brands continue to add in more features in their mobile apps, making them large in size, slow to load, and more storage space consuming. Mobile Apps have Become Irksome

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Mobile Apps becoming irksome, the other thing that has happened is that the in and out experience is lacking. One of the main reasons why users install mobile apps in the first place is to save time browsing a website or working around its functionalities. Lack of an In & Out Experience

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While it is easier for the bigger brands, small and mid-size brands usually end up staying and then opting out at the development phase itself. The lack of budget for developing an app that is on par with the top rating ones in the category is the number one reason why most app idea never see the morning sun. Soaring Mobile App Development Cost

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