How to Improve Indian Sports Standards?

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Sports lovers are everywhere in India. In this presentation, I will share the top 4 tips on the subject on how to improve sports in a country like India.


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The  condition of sports in India  is still not that good because people don’t like to see their pals make a career in sports. This mindset needs to be changed by the government and educational institutes with awareness programs, special scholarships, and other programs so more and more students can get attracted to sports without any family objections.


Flashing the  latest sports updates   can keep people connected with the sports world. In fact, when an Indian player wins a crucial match or bag a world-class achievement, these types of  latest sports updates  must flash multiple times to create a buzz. 


India has some of the top rich people in the world and with some strategic move government bodies and NGOs can get grants for them to change the  condition of sports in India .


It is crucial to observe age limits as strictly as possible. In India, people use many illegal ways to fake their age. For instance, an under 18 competition will have a family man participating in it. This country has a many overage players making their way in competitions which are not meant for them.


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