What are the advantages of metro rail


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Each type of travel has its own advantages and disadvantages. there are some wonderful advantages of metro rail.


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Since the metro is one of the comfortable modes of communication, the people who prefer to travel in cars themselves have chosen to travel by metro. This has resulted in the drop in pollution levels. The meters have also noted a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.


The number of road accidents has gone down drastically as the people have chosen metro. Speeding usually happens when people are late for work . Get all the Road Accident  Latest  News Online  and updates on Connectgujarat.com.


It is possible to reach faster with metro rail. Almost 50% of the time is saved when a person prefers to travel using the metro. It is also possible to reach on time even during peak hours. Since the metro is designed to carry a lot of people at a time, it is a blessing in disguise for the office goers.


If a person wishes to travel in an air-conditioned vehicle, then he must pay double the amount he had actually paid for his/her metro fare. Metro provides the best comfort at cheap prices.



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