Mysterious places in the world that will blow your mind


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Here mention 5 Mysterious places in the world that will blow your mind.


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It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie where the water is falling from the hills are fierce with a cinematic flow , and there is a fire burning inside it. Eternal flame fall is one of the best place in the world .


Have you ever seen a rock moving? By which we mean rock is displacing itself from one place to another. Well, that is the case of rocks mysteriously moving or sailing on the surface of Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park. It remains a mystery to all and people have been trying to solve it since 1915.


The Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone is the main reason why it was declared as a National Park. The eruptions are spectacular and appear at every hour to a two-hour interval.


When we put our videos on rewind that is when there is a possibility of seeing a vehicle being dragged uphill turned over. Well, at the Magnetic Hill at New Brunswick this is a possibility. No one knows the riddle behind it,but it is seen that automobiles roll uphill, backward, without any external power.


The snowy landscape as perceived by all is nothing but calcium carbonate that has been accumulating for over thousands of years from seventeen natural hot springs. The mineral-rich water sometimes reaches high temperatures like up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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