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Are you looking to purchase commercial real estate or refinance your existing property? Let Commercial Funding USA will help to make the process easier.For more information, please contact us at 1-844-454-7212


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How to Get Loan for Commercial Real Estate Property A commercial loan is a loan taken to generate income from commercial residental or industrial property. Whether you are looking to fnance for expanding your business or managing expenses Commercial Real Estate Financing Company can provide following kinds of loans to support your commercial real estate propertes:  Purchase loans are designed for real estate investor willing to invest in commercial propertes.  You can use your property to refnance commercial real estate property using current interest rates.  Equity loans are ideal choice for large business expenses.  A line of credit is ideal loan for working capital over a period of tme. Steps in commercial loan process There are usually following steps involved in availing commercial loans through Real Estate Loan Providers USA :  Send in your applicaton to the prospectve lenders  Your lender will appraise or evaluate the property  Your applicaton will undergo credit approval process. On the basis of credit approval you loan applicaton will be approved or rejected.

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 If your loan is approved you need to fnalize the terms and conditons with the lender and follow the process to get the loan. You need to pay the required fee which include down payment which is usually 20 - 30 of the loan value. Then you also need to consider upfront fees such as property appraisal survey fees legal costs etc. Lender’s general criteria for providing loan to the borrowers Lenders generally consider following criteria to fnance commercial real estate:  The capital and cash fow invest in your business.  The appraised value of property to be used as mortgage to secure the fnancing and knowing its current market value.  Internal and external economic factors to know your ability to pay as well as make the intended use of a loan. Documents to carry for approval of commercial real estate loan When you are approaching a lender to fnance commercial real estate property it is important to carry following to qualify the loan:  A detailed business plan to support loan approval  The business plan you have for the property you are intended to buy  Three to fve years of fnancial documents including business and personal documents  Your personal credit history

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The interest on loan usually depend upon varied factors such as loan to value rato type of business credit score and fnancial health and stability of the individual applying for commercial real estate loan. There are a variety of commercial real estate fnancing optons available. You need to work with your banker or Commercial Real Estate Financing Company to fnd the most appropriate fnancing optons to realizing your business goals. There are usually following kinds of Real Estate Loan Providers USA engaged in providing loan for commercial real estate property  Banks ofer loan at low interest rates but they usually have strict criteria and give loan only to those having real good credit score. Their applicaton process is usually slow however if approved it allows you to get loan at cheaper interest rates than other commercial lenders.  Commercial Real Estate Financing Company also provides varied lending optons to fancé commercial real estate property. They have faster and lenient applicaton process and higher interest rates than bank loans.  The SBA 7a can be utlized for buying real estate refnancing debt or buying a business. An SBA 7a loan is the commonly used mortgage opton by businesses purchase or refnances owner-occupied commercial propertes up to 5000000. The majority of SBA loans are used for buying commercial real estate property. The typical term for getng an SBA7 a loan for commercial real estate is between 10 – 25 years. Commercial real estate fnancing companies can help you to fnding ideal loan to suit your needs. Many of these companies have access to leading lending insttutons and more capital and they leverage relatonships to help clients in getng access to the best loan optons in the market in a fast and hassle free manner. Contact Details

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