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It began in 1857, in San Francisco, California, during the Gold Rush Era. Founder Wilfred Weed (W.W.) Montague started his business in a small way selling pots, pans and general hardware items. He was known as an inventor and had a reputation for uncompromising quality. Gradually he began manufacturing "French" ranges


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Vectaire Gas Convection Oven Bakery Depth Energy Efficient Vectaire HX63 Gas Convection Oven To reduce cooking times convection ovens rapidly move heated air over food. Four decades ago Montague took this concept one step further and pioneered a fundamentally better convection oven with our Vectaire ovens. Rather than conform to the industry standard of the direct-fired traditional oven design used by other manufacturers we developed the indirect or "muffled" heating system. Known as the "Work Horse" of the industry Montagues Vectaire convection ovens feature a cooking chamber that is sealed off from outside air and combustion gasses. A major advantage of this design is that the flue gases wrap around the ovens chamber rather than flow through it. Since the chamber is sealed the large interior becomes a vast heat exchange area with none of the hot and cold spots that plague ordinary convection ovens. Unlike the traditional method where air enters the oven constantly taking moisture with it as it goes out Vectaires closed chamber retains every bit of flavor and moisture ensuring a succulent and tasty product. The HX63 has an innovative Heating System which incudes efficient burners and a heat exchanger improving oven preheat and recovery perfomance by 30 with a 10 reduced energy input.

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The Montague Heritage It began in 1857 in San Francisco California during the Gold Rush Era. Founder Wilfred Weed W.W. Montague started his business in a small way selling pots pans and general hardware items. He was known as an inventor and had a reputation for uncompromising quality. Gradually he began manufacturing "French" ranges a combination of brick with steel ovens and tops which evolved into the present line of ranges. In 1902 the original "Locke and Montague" was succeeded by a corporation and by 1910 the company known as W.W. Montague Company Inc. was acknowledged as "The Leading Stovehouse on the Pacific Coast" as noted in Hammonds Handy Atlas of the World. W.W. Montague Company was succeeded by Montague Range and Furnace Company Ltd. in 1918. Early in the 1920s Joseph M. Whalen was employed starting out as a sheet metal mechanic and later was made foreman. He acquired the company name and equipment in 1932 when the concern encountered financial difficulties in the depression era. In 1936 the company operations were split with partner Roy Shae taking on the furnace side of the business. Joseph Whalen retained the range business and moved to Mission Street in San Francisco where he began operating under the now known name of The Montague Company. Today as a family-owned family-operated business The Montague Company continues the proud tradition of using skilled techniques and fine craftsmanship acquired by over 150 years of specialized manufacturing experience to bring you the highest quality commercial cooking equipment. We offer the LEGEND series of heavy duty ranges counter equipment fryers broilers gourmet pizza ovens Chinese ranges and EXCALIBUR custom island suites TECHNOSTAR medium duty restaurant ranges and counter equipment and VECTAIRE high volume convection ovens. Being an independent family business enables us to take on a more personal approach to providing customized solutions for your cooking requirements. The Montague Difference To always put the interests of the customer first to provide the services they want and then find a way to manage our business efficiently. Knowing that our customers are the very reason our tradition continues we listen. From listening to your needs and suggestions while building long- term relationships come many of our exclusive design features. We recognize that each customers perception of quality and value is unique. Our challenge is to consistently exceed the individual expectations of todays "quality and value"… with World-Class Commercial Cooking Equipment and Service. Contact Us for Cooking Equipments Sales : 1830 Stearman Avenue Hayward CA 94545 Phone:510 785-8822 Toll Free:800 345-1830

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