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Knowing that our customers are the very reason our tradition continues, we listen. From listening to your needs and suggestions, while building long-term relationships, come many of our exclusive design features.


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K12 School Cooking Equipment K12 Series

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3 LIMITEDWARRANTY YEAR Since 1857 S BACK TO SCHOOL—BACK TO BASICS School nutrition directors are faced with unique challenges and opportunities when making equipment decisions for their meal programs. Students whose lifestyles are constantly changing are demanding more choices and have higher expectations of the foods they eat. Other issues such as food safety and nutrition further drive the needs and requirements of this unique segment. It’s important to work with a manufacturer who understands the school market and can offer quality equipment choices that result in safe healthy and delicious foods for your students. Montague offers a complete line of professional equipment specifcally designed to meet your cooking labor and energy effciency needs. From high performance V ectaire Convection Ovens to work horse Technostar Medium Duty Ranges there is a complete line of Montague commercial cooking equipment to meet every energy budget and menu need. School nutrition directors are faced with unique challenges and opportunities when making equipment and facility design decisions for their school programs. • Menu drives everything especially in equipment and facility design decisions. Students’ food preferences are constantly changing and more sophisticated than ever before. • Nutrition and wellness infuence all menu choices. Menus are not just based on popular food choices for students. • Food safety and nutrition are equally important to the health of students. • Safety of the environment for both staff and students infuences equipment choices as well as layout and design of the kitchen and cafeteria/dining areas. • Security issues have grown in importance and are vital when making decisions for equipment and facility design. • Emergency preparedness means planning for handling the worst possible situations even though there is hope for never needing emergency procedures. • Budget/fnance issues may limit the vision for the ideal school nutrition operation. • Regulations policies and requirements exist at federal state and local levels. School nutrition directors must be aware of these and rigidly adhere to them when making equipment decisions. • Plan with the future in mind. Creative thinking and decision-making skills are vital to lengthening the life expectancy of the facility. Directors will make decisions about whether the program’s needs are best served with a single piece of equipment a kitchen renovation or perhaps a completely new facility. Montague Equipment Never Takes a Recess

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Celebrated by school foodservice operators Montague Vectaire Convection Ovens feature a revolutionary “muffed” design. It eliminates spent gasses being introduced into foods or the kitchen environment. This closed chamber becomes a powerful heat exchanger without unpredictable temperature spots ensuring more consistent and favorful baking. Vectaire Features COOKING ACCURACY MAINTAINS TASTE NUTRITION MUFFLED DESIGN KEEPS FLUE GASSES OUT OF KITCHEN HX SERIES OFFERS TRI-THERM HEATING SYSTEM – OPTIMIZES HEAT TRANSFER BOTH STANDARD AND BAKERY DEPTHS AVAILABLE STANDARD AND COOK-N-HOLD CONTROLS OFFERED CONSISTENT EVEN BROWNING STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES MAKE FOR EASY CLEANING THROTTLING STYLE THERMOSTAT PROVIDES FASTER PREHEAT AND RECOVERY FEWER HOT SPOTS REQUIRE LESS TURNING OF PANS SIMPLE AND EASY-TO-USE CONTROLS PERMANENT DOOR GASKET NO FABRIC TO WEAR OUT LIFETIME DOOR WARRANTY THREE YEAR OVERALL WARRANTY • K-12 EQUIPMENT VECTAIRE APOLLO SERIES GAS CONVECTION OVENS Superior performance for a value price. Standard control package provides simple easy to operate settings. Effcient 85000 btu/hr input. Five oven racks included. Standard depth. Also available in double model. VECTAIRE HX SERIES GAS CONVECTION OVENS Energy Star Rated bakery depth state-of-the-art convection cooking using the responsive Tri-Therm™ heating system. Cook-n-Hold AH Package available. Convenient electronic spark ignition and solid-state temperature control. Offers 63.000 btu/hr input. Also available in double model. VECTAIRE 115 SERIES GAS CONVECTION OVENS Perfect for schools that reconstitute frozen foods and bake heavy product loads. Powerful 1 15000 btu/hr bakery depth gas oven is known for its fast recovery even in high demand periods. Operates without electricity when power is out. Offers unmatched longevity and durability. Also available in double model. VECTAIRE EK SERIES ELECTRIC CONVECTION OVENS Montague convection oven quality electric convenience. 15kW power rating and easy to use controls. Features a single speed ¾ HP fan motor. Bakery depth provides consistent even baking. Offers user-friendly working height. Also available in double model. TM Montague Vectaire™ Convection Ovens provide precision baking with a design that offers distinct advantages for school foodservice operators. The Vectaire has redefned convection cooking by featuring a unique indirect fred or “muffed” heating system that is more dependable and bakes thoroughly every time. The key feature of the “muffed” design is its ability to prevent fue gasses from entering the cooking chamber. Because the chamber is sealed from the fue and outside air it eliminates spent gasses from being introduced into foods or the kitchen environment. The system reduces exposure to potentially harmful Carbon Monoxide gas CO while creating the ideal undisturbed baking environment. The isolation of the cooking chamber combined with the oven mass and densely layered insulation ensures even temperatures are easily maintained. The result is a consistently more favorful perfect product with even browning and the best possible moisture. The Vectaire cooks perfectly and helps maintain the natural nutrition of the foods. Cooking with class. Ovens 3 LIMITEDWARRANTY YEAR 115A HX63A EK15A R85A More Standard Features All Electric Quality Value Performance Durability

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2-Piece Cast Iron Grates TM 30000 BTU Star Burner with Raised Ports School foodservice kitchens need hard working commercial ranges to prepare everything from sauces to soups and more. Montague Technostar’s heavy-duty construction including its angle iron frame offers years of superior service in demanding environments. Technostar’s burners bring “on demand” performance to every school kitchen. Its advanced two-piece system is designed to maximize heat and effciency offering unsurpassed control over open burner cooking while providing easy maintenance and prolonged component life. Each cast iron star burner delivers up to 30000 btu/hr. Its larger size and unique star design features a larger ported area for more frepower under large pots and pans. Raised burner ports eliminate clogging in the event of spills while the burner cap protects the relocated pilot from splashes and debris. The Technostar’s cast iron grate has been engineered into two pieces making it easier and less cumbersome for kitchen staff to remove and clean. Completing the system burners actually “nest” into the grate creating a thermal well that directs heat upward to the cooking area. Built to pass the test. TECHNOSTAR™ 24” MEDIUM DUTY GAS RANGE Compact and powerful offers smaller school foodservice kitchens ultimate cooking versatility in a compact format. The Technostar T16-4 Range features four open burners and a powerful 20000 btu/hr oven that’s perfect for a ½ size sheet pan. All stainless steel construction provides durability and easy clean up. TECHNOSTAR™ 36” MEDIUM DUTY GAS RANGE Preparing soups sauces and stews is easy with six open burners that provide enhanced cooking fexibility for busy school kitchens. The spacious 35000 btu/hr oven accommodates a full size sheet pan while offering performance and value. • K-12 EQUIPMENT Technostar Features ROBUST HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION PROVIDES MAXIMUM COOKING FLEXIBILITY TWO-PIECE CAST-IRON GRATES – EASY TO LIFT FOR CLEANING COMPACT UNITS FOR SMALLER SCHOOL KITCHEN NEEDS AVAILABLE WITH CONVECTION OVEN ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION RAISED PORT LIFT-OFF HIGH-EFFICIENCY BURNERS – MAXIMUM COOKING POWER EVEN TOP SURFACE – POTS AND PANS SLIDE SMOOTHLY CONTROLS LOCATED IN COOL ZONE TO ASSURE TROUBLE-FREE OPERATION EXCLUSIVE FRONT VENTED DESIGN COUNTER WEIGHTED DOORS NO SPRINGS TO REPLACE LIFETIME DOOR WARRANTY THREE YEAR OVERALL WARRANTY Ranges 3 LIMITEDWARRANTY YEAR T26-6 T16-4

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1830 Stearman Avenue Hayward CA 94545-4954 Toll Free 800-345-1830 • International +1 510-785-8822 • Facsimile 510-785-3342 montaguecompany.com Since 1857 IT’S TIME TO GRADUATE T O MONTAGUE. • K-12 EQUIPMENT M ADE IN A MERIC A ” “ Montague has provided the best solution for ranges and convection ovens in our kitchens for over forty years. When the Texas Public School Nutrition Policy came out in 2004 we tested combination ovens from other manufacturers. When placed in our kitchens my staff continued to use the tried and proven Montague ovens. My staff told me that our menus and ovens were perfectly matched. They did not need or want all of the fancy programming and the bells and whistles that came from the competitors. With our labor market and turnover rate equipment training was an issue to them. They told me that “their” ovens provided a more consistent and better product for their kids. –Terry Gooch Ector County ISD YOU HAVE CONCERNS WE HAVE SOLUTIONS. Concern: Harmful exposure to contaminates or by-products of gas combustion. Montague Solution: Te Vectaire’s “mufed” design prevents fue gasses from entering the cooking chamber and reduces exposure to potentially harmful Carbon Monoxide. Concern: Emergency Power Loss Situations. Montague Solution: Vectaire Convection Ovens 2-115A and 115A can provide a cooking platform without electricity in crisis situations. montaguecompany .com ©The Montague Company 08/12 – 2.5M – 17244