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How the Juvenile Detention System can be Improved:

How the Juvenile Detention System can be Improved By: Colleen Sullivan

While in Prison:

While in Prison Solitary confinement Time to think Time to communicate Few resources Not cost affective to state – on average $240.99 per day

Juveniles Once Released:

Juveniles Once Released 10-30% earning losses 50-75% will be arrested again 1/3 juveniles arrested due to minor offense

Proposed Solution:

Proposed Solution

Georgia’s Juvenile Justice Reform Act :

Georgia’s Juvenile Justice Reform Act 2013 Juveniles for minor defenses put in programs instead of imprisonment Programs according to offense and needs of individual The Goals: 1. Lighter punishment for youth 2. Save money for the state 3. Increase public safety

The Results:

The Results First used only for juveniles, later applied to adults 2015: Recorded lowest number of commitments in a year since 2002 FY2015: $5,760 to keep inmates in jail prior to transfer to prison Before reform: averaged around $20 million annually Georgia’s prison population: July 2012: 54,895 51,822 by the end of 2015


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