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We make students’ transition onto the Scary Seas of College, the easiest thing possible. From students to even educators…Start accessing and sharing excellent study notes, offering and receiving instant 1:1 private tutoring, college advising on the top college choices, and much more. Our mission is to help you get through those unexpected and rocky storms on your quest to success, and finally conquering academic life the right way! For more details visit


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CONQUER YOUR ACADEMIC LIFE WITH US Hire an Offline/Online Tutor Learn More Have an exam you want to ace or a topic you want to conquer Hire expert online and offline tutors at College Pirates today Hire a Tutor Hire a College Mentor Learn More Worried if a college is the right one for you or your child Get the best expert advise from students whove been there done that Hire a College Mentor

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Introducing College Pirates We make students’ transition onto the Scary Seas of College the easiest thing possible. From students to even educators…Start accessing and sharing excellent study notes offering and receiving instant 1:1 private tutoring college advising on the top college choices and much more. Our mission is to help you get through those unexpected and rocky storms on your quest to success and finally conquering your college and academic life the right way We Have Reached College Pirates’ "Hire a Tutor" Program Have you heard of the best tutoring services provider -- College Pirates Enough of your endless search for “Tutors nears me”. Whether you are struggling with your subjects or you want to be ahead of the class College Pirates has it to give you the best of both worlds with our “Hire a Tutor Program” By enrolling on College Pirates tutoring website we guarantee that you can have our professional and top-notch tutors to provide you top one on one personalized tutoring.

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With our easy to navigate online tutoring website you can get online math tutors test prep tutors science tutors and many more. We also offer SAT tutoring ACT test prep help and top English tutor services and you can get it in no time. You don’t need to get stressed with your Math problems anymore College Pirates’ learning center can find just the right math tutors for you If you need online math help accounting tutors or you want to learn English from credible tutoring services you don’t need to spend so much time just to find a tutor College Pirates will do the task for you in no time. We also would love to share this opportunity with college students. Our College Tutoring services help college students in your different subject areas whenever they need it. We even cover adult tutoring for adults willing to expand their knowledge graphs Check out College Pirates tutoring today A hassle-free online tutoring center just right at your fingertips The Types of Tutoring You Can Get At College Pirates Online Tutoring Have a tight schedule Want to get help with your math problems from experienced tutors present in different places or even different time zones Then getting online tutoring help is your best bet Online tutoring provides you a great personalized online experience better safety lower costs and a global reach of expert tutors ready to help you 24-7 365 days Private Tutoring Looking for “Private tutors near me” Want to get a much more personalized teaching experienced for yourself or your child Does quality matter more to you than comfort Then finding private tutors would be the

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best option for you. Private teachers although slightly expensive than online teachers are your perfect solution for top solution and amazing academic results almost instantly. What else can you get with College Pirates Straight A’s for a Low Price Get the best online tutoring servicesstarting at just 20 for 60 minutes. That’s a small value for big returns. Your search for “tutoring centers near me with the best price” ends here with us 5 Cash-back on Every Session On every successful online or private tutoring session get FREE 5 Cashback with College Pirates. With such an offer one successful month of online tutoring can pay for many more sessions of tutoring for the next month Learn Anything Whatever topics you need help with hire a tutor with us and you will find plenty of topics that you can learn under one tutoring website. From Physics tutors to Spanish tutors to chemistry tutors we have them all No need to go elsewhere. No Wasted Tutoring Time With us there is no such thing as a waste as we take care of your well- spent money. If ever you have unused minutes from your previous session with the same tutor you can quickly use these on your next session with us. Unlimited Tutor Matching System We won’t stop until you find a tutor for your needs with complete satisfaction whether it’s school tutoring or college tutoring or a further level. So you don’t need to pay anything until you approve of the home tutors that we find for you.

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Hire a Tutor Online With College Pirates in 3 Easy Steps: 1Send Us Your RequestHave you always had academic problems that you’ve been dying to solve Let us know about it and we’ll send them to all the best tutors enrolled on our online tutoring website. From university tutors to after school tutoring we cover them all 2Get An Tutor Assigned To YouWondering: “Are there any tutoring centers near me” Your quest ends here because we can connect you with all the best tutors from anywhere in the world at a time you prefer. 3Personalized Tutoring SessionDepending on whether you’ve enrolled for private tutoring or online tutoring we provide completely personalized tutoring for you or your child. With College Pirates amazing results are on your way Get My Expert Tutor -OR-

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Search From 500+ Expert Tutors Today Hire a College Mentor at College Pirates Are your choices for your course or college just like shifting sands Do you know who to run to for an advice on how to choose the right college for you Is searching for the best colleges a headache Luckily you have College Pirates to help you with your college search. Our Hire a College Mentor Program is so right for you. No more jitters before entering any top colleges. We know that going to college is a huge responsibility to take. We would love to hear and know what you are going through. All your questions can be answered by your personal and expert college mentors. From choosing your course getting freshman advice on top college tips or even up to the most specific information that you need your college choice mentor can definitely make your life easier. Of course who doesnt want to know about the insides of the best colleges scholarships expenses budgeting and even visa before entering college College Pirates College Mentors can give college freshman advice and also help transfer students answering all your questions about housing campus college environment life and much more.

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Your private College Counselor will help you choose the right path and the right course to take by giving you advices and college tips. So What are you waiting for Hire a College Mentor at the top college search website today PLUS You also get the following benefits: We Make Sure You’re Satisfied Not satisfied with your current mentor feel like you aren’t getting the information that you need No worries We’ll replace your college mentor for FREE and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. FREE 3 Cashback with every Session AND You get FREE 3 cash-back in the form of student credits on each session earning you more as you go. It doesn’t stop there Make Your First Friend Here With a college mentor from College Pirates you or your child can be making his first friend in the new college environment even after your sessions are over They’ll surely stay in touch The Risk is On Us Save your by picking the right college the right major and everything in between We’ll give you a 100 REFUND if you are not satisfied with the consultation. The risk is on us Hire a College Mentor at College Pirates Get My Expert Mentor -OR-

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Search From 500+ Expert Mentors Become an Online Tutor Now and earn up to 60/hr Does working at your own pace your own schedule and with the students you choose sound good to you

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And would you like to earn up to 60 per hour helping students and doing what you love If that’s what you’re interested in you should definitely sign up for the best online tutoring jobs with us. College Pirates has over 500+ tutors with expertise in over 117 topics. Our expert tutors cover all levels of teaching - from elementary school middle school and high school to college and beyond. With College Pirates the possibilities are limitless Whether you’re a college student looking to take up online teaching jobs or a professional teacher wanting to take up tutoring as a side-gig we have the perfect solution for you Looking for “Tutoring Jobs near me” College Pirates tutors have the flexibility of choosing from online tutoring jobs and private tutoring jobs or both - whatever suits them. As we said we don’t put any limits to your earnings Let’s check out the top 6 benefits of becoming an online tutor here at College Pirates: Be your own boss Work at a location convenient to you and with the students you choose. You get full flexibility on your schedule and the potential to earn Earn up to 60/hour or more Teach online or teach privately - this can help you earn up to 60 per hour or even more once you have established good enough relations with your students. Choose from over 117 topics With so many topics to choose from ranging from algebra help to biology to even biophysics we would surely have something for you to teach online or offline here.

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It’s 100 resume-friendly Even if you’re already a working professional having tutoring jobs experience in your resume always tells you how good of a leader and educator you are which is always admired. We always listen to you Unlike other tutoring companies we do not ignore our tutors over the students. We make sure you’re well heard and taken care of during your relationship with College Pirates. More ways to earn With online tutoring private tutoring and homework help integrated in one platform your earnings and opportunities are basically limitless. It’s your time to become an online tutor now If you want to know more on how to become an online tutor with College Pirates check out the button below Become a College Mentor Now and earn up to 80/student Are you looking for the best online jobs for college students or even working professionals like yourself College Montoring is a completely new service designed to help incoming freshmen students in their new college life journey with your help. As a College mentor you are required to give college advice to students or their parents on many topics like the college requirements environment and rankings types of scholarships present academics housing travel and much more As a College consultant you can provide college admissions assistance online any time of the day at your own schedule and with the students you choose. This is one of those high paying jobs for college students or professionals that can help support your tuition or your current lifestyle easily. You simply have to teach students how to choose a college and pick the best one available

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Whether you’re a current college student who’s looking for some summer part- time or full-time work or if you’re a recent graduate working as a professional becoming a college mentor can be a great side-gig for you to earn up to 80 per consultation and helping students conquer their college life the right way Here are the top benefits of becoming a college mentor with College Pirates Earn up to 80 or more per consultation Becoming a College mentor lets you earn up to 80 or more for every student you help out. With our past payment methods you’ll never have to worry about delayed payments 100 Resume-friendly Working as a college montor helps you become a better mentor to your students and is highly appreciated when it’s on your resume. Companies love dependable people Make new friends For every student you help you not only guide someone to lead a great college life. In most cases you end up making some amazing friends and connections that are bound to stay Consult at your convenience

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Whether you work from your dorm room or a coffee shop we don’t care. College Mentoring brings flexibility at it’s core so never worry about getting to your work on time. If you think it’s something you’re interested in learn more Together © 2019 All Rights Reserved by College Pirates.

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