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Smart Contract Creation Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contract Development A technology that will change the way you trust through an automated contract management system.

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This is how we add the smart in smart contracts. Have a look at the industries a blockchain smart contract can be used for Steps of Smart Contract Creation The one where they talk about smart contracts The benefits of smart contracts? Speed and accuracy Trust Security Savings Presentation Outline WHAT WE'RE COVERING

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This is how we add the smart in Smart Contracts. Between two or more parties signing a contract and the execution of the contract, there are a lot of intermediaries that get involved in the process making it lengthy, cumbersome, costly, and less credible. A blockchain-based smart contract will make the execution of the blockchain smart contract faster, reliable, automated, tamper-proof, immutable, decentralized, self-auditing, failure-proof along with the ability to have multiple business models on a single contract. Our blockchain smart contract developers will replace every intermediary between the parties involved in the contract.

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Have a look at the industries a Blockchain Smart Contract can be used for Real estate, transport & logistics, legal agreements, deliveries, household transactions, warehouses, crowdfunding projects, intellectual property, IoT, tax records, and the list goes on. Basically, the use cases for blockchain smart contracts range from any type of financial transactions to agreements that involve exchanges. When a blockchain smart contract code is deployed on the blockchain, there can be no alterations made. The contract ends when the execution is complete.

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The one where they talk about smart contracts We recreated a conversation that a client talked to us about when we asked them about where they got to know about Codezeros.

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Step 1 Step 1: Create a wallet at meta-mask Step 2 Select any one test network Step 3 Add some dummy Ethers in your wallet Step 4 Use editor remix to write the smart contract in Solidity Step 6 A sample smart contract code to create ECR20 tokens Step 5 Create a .sol extension file Step 7 Deploy your Smart Contract Steps of Smart Contract Creation

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The benefits of smart contracts? Speed and Accuracy Trust Security Savings

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21 Smart contracts are digital and automated, so you won’t have to spend time processing paperwork or reconciling and correcting the errors that are often written into documents that have been filled manually. Computer code is also more exact than the legalese that traditional contracts are written in. Speed and accuracy:

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21 Smart contracts automatically execute transactions following predetermined rules, and the encrypted records of those transactions are shared across participants. Thus, nobody has to question whether information has been altered for personal benefit. Trust:

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21 Blockchain transaction records are encrypted, and that makes them very hard to hack. Because each individual record is connected to previous and subsequent records on a distributed ledger, the whole chain would need to be altered to change a single record. Security:

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21 Smart contracts remove the need for intermediaries because participants can trust the visible data and the technology to properly execute the transaction. There is no need for an extra person to validate and verify the terms of an agreement because it is built into the code. Savings:

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