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The supply chain industry has become much more complex and cumbersome. Blockchain would truly open many door leading to faster, smarter and more secure supply chain. Visit us now.


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Blockchain Applications for Supply chain

slide 2: Problem The supply chain industry has become much more complex and cumbersome. The amount of time taken for a payment between a customer and a vendor or a manufacturer and a supplier is notably long and tedious. The products once received are extremely hard to trace back to its supplier which in turn makes it difficult to eliminate defects in food products consumer goods industrial equipment or digital offerings. The friction in this supply chain is a major problem since there are a lot of middlemen and this vast chain increases the uncertainty and stops the chain from working as desired. A chain that is just a list of simple transactions turns into a lengthy procedure involving a high number of steps.

slide 3: Solution The blockchain technology is the answer to the number of problems that are listed above. Due to the distribution of the data on the blockchain it is highly impossible to breach that. The digital ledger is secure because each transaction is linked back to the previous one making tampering an impossible task. The multiple copies of the same ledger provide the truth for the each and every transactions. The status of the product at each stage of production can be recorded and traced back using blockchain. The tracing would link each product to its initial source and all the middlemen it comes across. One of the applications of blockchain is a smart contract. It is a software program that carries out the contract and is stored on the blockchain. It will work the way it has been programmed leaving no room for fraud or interference. The cost and time that is saved in each and every transaction will be a major advantage since manual tasks will be avoided. Blockchain has the power to change the whole supply chain industries and ecosystems by tracking deadline avoiding costly delays and the handling

slide 4: of manual paperwork. Blockchain would truly open many door leading to faster smarter and more secure supply chain.

slide 5: ABOUT CODEZEROS We believe that the power of ideas can transform the world and every successful business was first a business idea. In this digital age our ideas turn out to be the best when supported by all emerging technologies. Blockchain Technology is one such idea that is quickly disrupting the way things are done online. It is the next step to a completely decentralized structure of sharing information. Its implications for all enterprises are still being explored as it is leveraged for more and more industries each new day. Crypto currency is already revolutionizing the concept of currency and how it can be managed without any centralized structure such as a government or banks. At Codezeros we harness its power to help our clients make better business structures by simplifying their logistical processes. As a truly pioneering blockchain development company in India we focus on your ideas and how they can be implemented better with blockchain technology AI VR and IoT. Decentralization of information has a disruptive potential to change how all businesses are conducted. And we plan on being at the forefront of just that

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