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Codezeros offers various types of blockchain solutions for Identity infrastructure which are immutable and hacker proof. Read use case related to Identity infrastructure.


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Blockchain Applications for Identity Infrastructures

slide 2: Problem The problem of identity theft is an exceedingly common occurrence in countries that have a centralized system for storing identity information of their citizens. The lack of control over people’s own identities has been one of the major issue faced by the governments around the world today. The identity badges driving licences social security numbers bank account details etc. seem to be hackable and/or replicable. The incidents of data breach are increasing day by day leading to the increase in the data needed for verifying the identity of an individual. The data connected to a person has expanded due to the numerous apps and services available on the web apart from the data needs of banks and government. Today the personal information is highly susceptible to data breach due to the storage in a centralized database and a solution is needed.

slide 3: Solution The demand for a secure system is the need of the hour. With the advancements in the field of blockchain technology the word ‘privacy’ might actually mean something apart from just being in a dictionary. Using blockchain technology you can leverage the irreversibility of information incidents to make permanent records of identity verification that are not stored in any cloud. It will provide a better solution than the current situation where the data is stored on a centralized server and is “owned” by various service providers. Data stored on blockchain will get distributed over the vast network of the mining devices granting ownership to the individuals. With the usage of public-key cryptography and the decentralization offered by blockchain the difficulty level of cracking the chain will reach a new high and even the combined power of supercomputers will fail to breach the data of individuals. Now every user can gain control over their digital identity with quick and secure validation without a centralized authority and make privacy a standard.

slide 4: ABOUT CODEZEROS We believe that the power of ideas can transform the world and every successful business was first a business idea. In this digital age our ideas turn out to be the best when supported by all emerging technologies. Blockchain Technology is one such idea that is quickly disrupting the way things are done online. It is the next step to a completely decentralized structure of sharing information. Its implications for all enterprises are still being explored as it is leveraged for more and more industries each new day. Crypto currency is already revolutionizing the concept of currency and how it can be managed without any centralized structure such as a government or banks. At Codezeros we harness its power to help our clients make better business structures by simplifying their logistical processes. As a truly pioneering blockchain development company in India we focus on your ideas and how they can be implemented better with blockchain technology AI VR and IoT. Decentralization of information has a disruptive potential to change how all businesses are conducted. And we plan on being at the forefront of just that

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