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3 Reasons To Move To React Native – Codebrahma React Native – ​ a framework that allows you to build native mobile apps using JavaScript. Generally mobile apps for Android are programmed using Java and for iOS Swift/Obj-C is used. But with the development of React Native programmers can develop fully functional apps on both platforms in much less time – ​using just one coding language. Its not entirely a new invention. However it all started when Facebook developed React to build a social platform. Later on it released React.JS for the web as an open source. But the struggle to maintain two codebases – one for iOS one for Android – was still there. So with the purpose to facilitate the creation of mobile apps React native was released. By using it you can code an app once in JavaScript and deploy it both to Android and iOS. However the major reasons to use React Native are: Cross-Platform Usage: Well there is no doubt that React native is a convenient solution to build cross-platform mobile apps with less strain on your budget. Initially React Native was developed only to support iOS. But with its further establishment the library can now render mobile UIs for both platforms. Also it eliminates the need for two development teams for two platforms.

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Later on Facebook made it open-source for compatibility with other platforms like Windows or tvOS. Class Performance: The complicated the apps the more lags it experienced. It is well-known that native app development is usually inefficient has less developer productivity whereas React native brings the speed agility of web app development to the hybrid space. With DOM abstraction and simplified programming methods it works on both the operating systems with no lags at all. Reusability: Component reusability is the prime key in React Native. Building blocks in this framework are treated as “ ​native components ​” that can be compiled directly into the native. This component-based structure gives you a consistent look and feel. Also the apps are developed with more agile web-style approach rather than typical hybrid frameworks – resulting in the speed look and functionality of a native mobile app. So if you are looking to build a high-speed app featuring exquisite functionality ​hire React Native developers ​ from ​Codebrahma ​. We have immense years of experience in crafting intuitive apps as per client’s unique business requisites.