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For many sleep apnea patients, it is usually their partner or family members that suspect something is wrong. They may complain about their snoring and apparent struggle to breath at night. The typical sleep apnea patient may have the following symptoms


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COMMON SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS FOR MANY SLEEP APNEA PATIENTS IT IS USUALLY THEIR PARTNER OR FAMILY MEMBERS THAT SUSPECT SOMETHING IS WRONG. THEY MAY COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR SNORING AND APPARENT STRUGGLE TO BREATH AT NIGHT. What happens if OSA is not treated The consequences of sleep apnea range from both annoying to life threatening. Symptoms range from depression irritability sexual dysfunction increased weight gain to learning and memory difficulties. You may find yourself falling asleep at work on the phone or even while driving. In fact untreated sleep apnea patients are 3 times more likely to have automobile accidents. OSA has also been strongly associated with several cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure cardiac dysrhythmias strokes and congestive heart failure. The typical sleep apnea patient may have the following symptoms: Excessive daytime sleepiness EDS Loud irregular snoring Witnessed apneic or choking periods Morning headaches Frequent awakenings during the night Rapid onset of sleep Leg cramping Overweight Falling asleep while driving HTTP://WWW.COASTALSLEEP.CA/ FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT:

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