Maintenance tips for concrete Driveways Central Coast

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Maintenance tips for concrete Driveways Central Coast :

Maintenance tips for concrete Driveways Central Coast

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Are you going to have concrete driveways for your home or buildings? If yes! You have to know about the types of concrete finishes available in the modern construction industry and also you must know how to maintain them in a good way. There are different types of concrete finishes that you might have noticed in the homes and buildings of the central coast. You can see some damaged concrete driveways central coast , this is because of improper maintenance .   Driveways are one of the most used areas of your home or building. So it is important to give them proper attention that they deserve. Making repairs quickly can only extend the lifetime of your driveways. Read on more to know in detail about the driveway types and its maintenance tips .

Types of concrete Driveways Central Coast :

Types of concrete Driveways Central Coast There are some concrete driveways which provide the classic look to your homes and buildings at an affordable cost. Some of the commonly used concrete Driveways Central Coast is given below . Slick troweled concrete This provides the concrete finish with either with the help of steel hand towel or machine. This type requires more labour and time to get proper concrete finishes. Many of them in the central coast used this type for their garage floors, basement floors, warehouse floors, and covered front porches. Cleaning, seeping, and mopping are done easily with the slick troweled concrete finishes.

Broom finished surface :

Broom finished surface Exposed aggregate concrete It uses different types of aggregates that are not used in the slick troweled and broom finished concrete finishes. Here the surface is left overnight when the whole process is done. The next day, the concrete surface is washed with water and the cement paste is removed. To perform all these operations the low-pressure washer and soft bristle scrub broom are used by the professionals. Stamped concrete In this, the professional use mimics stone, brick, wood and many other materials to get a professional look and finishing. You can also get varieties of colours in the stamped concrete. All you have to use the dyes and pigments along with the releasing agents to get the coloured stamped concrete. This type of concrete driveways is suitable in the swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and patios.

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Tips to maintain a concrete driveway The one who has invested in concrete driveways will look to increase the value of their home and buildings but to decrease the maintenance cost. Concrete is more affordable when compared to other materials. Some regular maintenance will help your driveway last longer. All you have to do is follow a few easy tips to maintain your driveways. If any patch problems If you find your concrete is cracked or some places with broken pieces then it is important to treat them before they get worse. Especially since they have to be treated before the winter season otherwise the weather makes problems worse. All you have to do is prevent further damage by filling all the cracks and holes with some concrete compound.


Prevent cracking The concrete is a strong material and they are mostly considered for driveways. But there is one simple element that can cause damage to the whole thing. The simple element is the water; if the water enters the concrete then it will freeze. This allows a temperature drop during the winter. This process can spread the cracks quickly and easily. They become longer and wider and this will spoil the appearance of the driveway. You can prevent your cracking driveway from sealing. All you can do is apply a concrete sealant. Even if the driveway has been sealed before, applying it once again will protect the concrete . Park your vehicles smart Everyone would have heard that concrete is strong but sometimes they are even breakable. It is important to not put more stress on the edges of the driveway because the concrete is weaker on the edges. Make sure you park your vehicles away from the edges of the driveway. And also ensure the same with heavy equipment and construction vehicles.

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